Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My 21st Birthday Party

On the 22nd April 2005, I had my 21st birthday party held at Aloha Loyang.

The whole chalet consists of the front yard (bbq area), the living room, the dining room, back yard, 4 rooms with attached bathrooms and a garage.

'The Rooms Block'. 2 rooms on each storey.

Back yard facing the kitchen.

彬彬(my sister) and her friend, Jevonne, arrived with Abbie and her parents, and we went to swim!

Abbie in swimsuit! Little tummy + curly hair + droopy cheeks, SO CUTE!

1st time in the water..

She couldn't quite get use to it.

She was whimpering a little but after some clowning from the crazy aunt:

Brave little Abbie waddled around on her own! a professional.

Meanwhile in the kitchen..
Weili was busy cutting up the stingray for me.

The fish was so tough that it nearly drove the gorilla crazy.

See what I mean?

Makan time..

Lets start with the Chefs of the day:

Mr Chua Idris Mohd Shafiq aka THE Boyfriend

肥肥 aka cousin
I was shocked and touched that he actually helped to cook the food, considering how I always disrupt his beauty sleep with the harmless tickles on his feet 20 years ago.
*wipes tears*

I was so grateful to them that I asked Yanyan's God to snow to cool them off a little.

Apparently her god is not a good one..

Thus, I hired some part timers instead.

The Stamford Ah Peks.

Er..I have no idea where did this chicken rice seller come from...

If you are wondering why didn't I cook myself..

Busy photo-whoring..

Calvin, me, Kaiyuan and Kenneth

June and me.

Me and Lulu = 肛门嘴!

3 of us.

June B and Me + 1 extra. (She looks weird..don't know what is she doing at my party..)

Teeny boopers. The one on the left is my sis. Any resemblance? Many say she looks like an eurasian..
We don't think we look alike at all..

肥肥 and his wife. 亲爱的表嫂.

2 Charlie's Angels + 女杀手! SHEE SHA SHOR SHOR SHEE!!

Charlie's Angels trying to molest 女杀手.

阿鸟, the lamb. Identity crisis.

2 Charlie's Angels + 女杀手 wanna eat MURTABAK.

When we were all busy snapping away, a poor soul was busy mugging for his paper on the next day...

In order to repay his kindness, Her Majesty decide to fend off all disturbance for this very good friend.



Enough of fooling around..Let's eat the cake!

Oops! Sala!

Correct. C is for Cake. C is for Chocolate Cake.

Me and Cake.

My family with the cake. Daddy went off for work.

2nd Uncle, me, Aunt and Mum.

Huiling(cousin), Weihong(cousin), me and 4th Aunt.

Fifth Aunt, Eugene(cousin), me and Uncle

Eddie(Abbie's Dad), FoongKum(Abbie's Mum), Abbie eating my hand, Feifei(Cousin), Aline(亲爱的表嫂) and 阿丈(Uncle).
I think Abbie's mum look very nice here.
Alot of my friends mentioned that I looked like her. Some said I resembles my uncle.
What do you think?

Poly mates: Idris, Yanyan, Me and June B.

Chung Cheng classmates: ZhengPeng, Lulu, Me, Weili, June, ZhengChang, ChoonWee and KayWee. (Lamlam, you were never my classmate leh! EXTRA!)

CCHS Choir. The presidents and the lackeys.

Sops: Nat, Wanyi
Alto: Me,
Tenor: Weilie
Basses: Weili, Alvin, ZhengChang.
I love this picture.

Primary School mates: Junyi, Kenneth, Me, Kaiyuan and Calvin.
Some of my friends didn't turn up. My best friend was sick, Eugene, Fiona, Qiuyan were caught up with their stuff. :(
We must meet up soon!!


We are all so mean and evil that we are oozing with bad karma and we are going straight to hell.

Sexy bloggers.

Last but not least,

My baby and I.
For once his face looks bigger than mine.

I had a wonderful birthday party thanks to everyone.

Thank you everyone who came, especially those who actually had exams the next day. I hoped all of you did well. Thank you for the presents too.

Thanks, 彬彬 and Eugene, for the cake.
Thanks, 肥肥 and 阿琴姐姐, for cooking some food for me.
Thanks, 姑姑, for the curry and the prawns.
Thanks, lili, for buying the stuff and chopping the stingray.
Thanks, Yanyan, for being my photographer, making the egg mayo, carrying my heavy groceries and many, many other stuff.
Thanks Daddy for the drinks.
Thanks, 阿丈 and family, for the financial support.
Thanks, 彬彬 again, for all the assistance.
THANK YOU THANK YOU, Baby, for the chalet, the food, the manual labour. Thanks for making sure that everything runs smoothly. Thanks for everything..

Hope that all of you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my birthday,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah!! Xu Chun Mei pose! Haha, couldn't resist typing that....

Thanks for posting the many pics! And you're so lucky you have a great 21st BD celebration. Mine was spent in some ulu jungle, wah lau.

- Ah Hock

8:03 PM

Blogger Xiaxue said...

*wipes tears* You are welcome!!

2:01 PM

Blogger Jane said...

hey! which cchs were u frm? =)

7:29 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Ah Hock, ni hen xi huan xu chun mei hor?!?!

Xiasuay, I shall ignore you..

jwaneey, I'm from cchms..

12:42 AM

Blogger kennysia said...

I see you got 4 (count 'em, FOUR) handbags! Waddya gonna do with 4 handbags?

4:26 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

kenny: for each limb?
I have loads of match different the more the better. =)

11:00 PM

Blogger Jane said...

ooh. hahaha. me too =)

8:15 PM

Blogger princessdominique said...

Interesting post--had to comment! Nice pics!

11:14 PM

Blogger ah_mah said...

hey hey, great b'day u had!! And i tot i saw june(ur poly mate) in aust mah, how come she in s'g again??

12:58 AM


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