Saturday, September 02, 2006

Consonance, Five

Performance Date & Time: 16 September 2006, 7:30 PM
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall
Ticket Price: S$12, Free Seating

This is a 5th anniversary concert for Consonance to celebrate her 5 years of continuous music-making. It also highlights her first solo performance apart from numerous collaborations with other choirs & performances for organizations. Five commemorates pieces that have been reflective of past achievements as well as showcase pieces that hint at future advancements. This concert plays around with the number 5, with pieces sang in 5 different languages, such as English, Latin, Hungarian, French, and African, as well as 5 different genres of music. Consonance hopes to bring the joy of music-making to the people around her and endeavors constantly to accomplish higher standards with each concert.
(Courtesy of Wenquan's blog)

Consonance's is Boyfriend's Choir and he's performing.

For ticketing enquiry, just drop me an email or leave a comment. =D

Oh ya..If you love me, show it by spreading the word, ok?
I love you too!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Moved Here

Friday, July 14, 2006


Wanyi asked me to blog something nice about her.

Wanyi is errr... nice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Some boliao person calculated last week that today is the 3456th day since the first day we met.

HAPPY 3456th 'DAILY-versary' to all the 衰仔衰女 of CCHS 1A 1997.

I know I know..I'm super bo liao.

But it's kinda amazing. If you read this blog and you are one of us, leave a message ok?
How's everyone doing?
Someone organise a gathering or what!! (Hint: Weililililili)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shopping with Abbie

2 words: IT'S CRAZY!!!

The moment she stepped into the toys' department, she flung off our hands and pratically CHARGED towards the racks and racks of toys.

Though the image of her sounds scary, IT WAS NOT. She looked super duperly cute!

Her arms were out stretched for balance, and she kept fraying them while she walked. Or should I say, 'wobbled'?
Her diaper--clad butt shaking and the unstable steps...UBER CUTE!!

The pics!

Didn't manage to take many photos of her. Every toy that she got hold of, she hands it over to me and says, 'Yi Yi good!' and proceed to trush it into my hands. How to take photos like that?

I got super traumatised and started suspecting whether it's some conspiracy between my cousin and Abbie to get me to sponsor for her toy collection.

'Nono, Ah Yi no good. Cannot buy for you.'

Totally oblivious to what I said, darling Abbie continued with her quest, touching and feeling each toy, turns her back and flash a mega-watt smile at me, exclaiming,'Yi Yi good!'


Here's a close up of my little angel in my new phone + DIY nails!

I won't be blogging very often. Nothing new, actually.
I'm sick of reading those irresponsible tags.

I might explain things a little when I have nothing better to do.
He doesn't see the point of me doing so, neither do I, not that it'll affect our relationship.
It only occur to me after talking to one of his friends, that some of his friends do visit my blog, and I probably should do some explaining in order not to destroy his reputation.
Sorry darling.

Yes, I will do that..when I feel like it.

Take care, everyone.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Just some pics from yesterday.. =D

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bad morning

It's 清明节,and I haven't been paying respects to this certain someone due to some reasons.

It's not something I can control but I know I can work around it somehow. I couldn't bring myself to do it out of spite. Now, I'm upset with myself.

Don't rub it in anymore.


Haven't been updating about Abbie.
I'm seeing her later! Shall take alot of pics since I got my digicam back and there's photoshop!


I realised I have weird eating habits.

I eat innards and stuff like celery, spring onions, coriander etc, which alot of people don't like. The only foods I don't really like are century eggs, peas and cockles.

Not being picky is one thing.
Digress Zhengchang is not picky at all. He eats everything that's edible, which makes me very happy 'cos he can accompany to go hunt for food and enjoy cuisines. =D
But the thing..I actually like them.
Additional chicken kidneys for my chicken rice, please?

Apart from that, I always play with my food, with the flavours that is.

For eg. Mcdonald's hashbrown and jam go very well with each other.

You know how the twins had a common liking for eating Oreos with peanut butter? I haven't look back since.
I love peanut butter. CHUNKY peanut butter.
This morning, I ate walnut cake with peanut butter. NICE.
That day, I ate it with nasi lemak. Amazingly, it turned out really good.

But I always have diarrhoea la.



他仰着头, 张开嘴, 说道:"好渴. 老天爷, 给我一点喝的吧!"


亲爱的, 不要拿老天爷开玩笑...


Super bo liao.