Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Some boliao person calculated last week that today is the 3456th day since the first day we met.

HAPPY 3456th 'DAILY-versary' to all the 衰仔衰女 of CCHS 1A 1997.

I know I know..I'm super bo liao.

But it's kinda amazing. If you read this blog and you are one of us, leave a message ok?
How's everyone doing?
Someone organise a gathering or what!! (Hint: Weililililili)



Blogger Vhessa said...

It's must have been nice to see all your friends again. Actually, maybe it's crazy and fun! Trust me, I know the feeling... Hahaha! They will FORCE you to remember all the craziness you've done in the past and some wacky antics you've pulled... Ahhhh.... nothing beats the old times!

4:47 PM

Anonymous ... said...

omg! i'm frm that sch..haha

8:55 PM

Anonymous Lol_i_p0ppEd said...

Hi!! erm.. im a current student in chung cheng..

is this photo taken from the concourse?

9:42 PM

Blogger 威(たけし) said...

yes its in that concourse, before the lake renovated...
omg... lzc so boh liao...

well, happy 3456th day to you too... lol...

how come I don't see my face inside wan

2:49 PM

Blogger ~^~ tIn9z ~^~ said...

chung cheng! ahahaha!

10:21 PM


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