Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shopping with Abbie

2 words: IT'S CRAZY!!!

The moment she stepped into the toys' department, she flung off our hands and pratically CHARGED towards the racks and racks of toys.

Though the image of her sounds scary, IT WAS NOT. She looked super duperly cute!

Her arms were out stretched for balance, and she kept fraying them while she walked. Or should I say, 'wobbled'?
Her diaper--clad butt shaking and the unstable steps...UBER CUTE!!

The pics!

Didn't manage to take many photos of her. Every toy that she got hold of, she hands it over to me and says, 'Yi Yi good!' and proceed to trush it into my hands. How to take photos like that?

I got super traumatised and started suspecting whether it's some conspiracy between my cousin and Abbie to get me to sponsor for her toy collection.

'Nono, Ah Yi no good. Cannot buy for you.'

Totally oblivious to what I said, darling Abbie continued with her quest, touching and feeling each toy, turns her back and flash a mega-watt smile at me, exclaiming,'Yi Yi good!'


Here's a close up of my little angel in my new phone + DIY nails!

I won't be blogging very often. Nothing new, actually.
I'm sick of reading those irresponsible tags.

I might explain things a little when I have nothing better to do.
He doesn't see the point of me doing so, neither do I, not that it'll affect our relationship.
It only occur to me after talking to one of his friends, that some of his friends do visit my blog, and I probably should do some explaining in order not to destroy his reputation.
Sorry darling.

Yes, I will do that..when I feel like it.

Take care, everyone.


Blogger caren said...

hi, is that the N80 u r using? if it is, can i know if its good? coz i'm planning to buy it and hope to hear more reviews abt the phone frm users..

thanx a ton! =)

12:02 PM

Blogger PRIS said...

I saw you today at People's Park ! =DD && Abbie is sooooooo cute !!

11:10 PM

Blogger Skyler said...

"Yi Yi good!"

Hahahahaha, sooooooo cute indeed.

9:17 AM

Blogger Xiaxue said...

Chao turtle you can blog about how much you miss me :D

7:14 AM


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