Sunday, February 26, 2006

Long overdue

I know I promised to blog about CNY, which ended quite some time ago.
Sorry la..kinda busy.
Better late than never.

Here goes.

I love CNY. Everybody makes a point to be happy, greet each other with pleasant sayings, meet up, and of course, CNY it's an excellent occasion to doll up and wait for compliments. Ahehehehehe.

My family celebrates CNY with similar rituals every year.

My house. Got CNY mood right?

At 12 midnight, we have to pray. Standard procedures.
That's Daddy and Sis burning the incense paper (that's the term for jin yin zhi right?)

The flame looks like an angel wing. wo hen li hai pai zhao.

The rest of us are busy preparing this vegetarian dish that we always eat on the 1st day of CNY. Hao chi! Yin wei shi wo zhu de!

The thing about CNY is, you can wear red from head to toe, and no one will laugh at you, provided it's tastefully done la. Wang wang!

See my top? It was actually a plain top which cost only $8.
Then I decided that I looked like a flag.

I did this some time ago, after seeing some pictures from MJ fashion show, and they have this necklace made up of big and small circles. Very nice! So I tried to imitate it by using threads and transparencies cut-outs. It failed as a necklace, but it's a nice 'brooch'. I just stuck it on my top with a few stitches and double sided tape. Viola! Say it's nice!

Since don't know when, we have to kneel down to 'bai nian'. So every CNY, we'll have photos like these.

Big gathering at grandma's place!

Cousin and his girlfriend.

Cousin also.

And what's CNY without a little gambling right?

This one:

See my big smile? I was winning, that's why!

Savinig the best for the last.

That's the clothing I bought for her from Chinatown. So pretty!!!

I love Abbie!
I love CNY!

p/s: These are the photos of the 1st day. More to come.


Blogger Sharon Bernice Chua said...

it been a long time to post about CNY topic. but its seems that your house so crowded, i love it. and please make sure not to post the article that its really last a long time.......

5:54 PM


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