Sunday, January 29, 2006


新的一年, 新的开始!



Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dong Dong Dong Qiang!

Let's see...


For the past few days, I kept shuffling among home, Bugis and Orchard.
Super sick.

I had to keep reminding myself to keep it simple. For the past few years, the clothes I bought for CNY, never got out into public more than once after CNY.
I took 5 days to gather the stuff. Is it me, or it's like selling similar clothes EVERYWHERE? How to buy like that? Everyone gets the same thing? Wear school uniform lor...

I still got myself alot of shoes though. I was telling Wanyi that I'm trying to figure out which colour I had yet to have, then I'll go get it. =P

I bought this uber cute 'tang zhuang' for Abbie. Can't wait to see her in it!
Don't worry fellow Abbie lovers, I'll take lotsalotsalotsalotsalotsalotsa photos of her.
We started teaching her to do the 'gong xi gong xi' and 'hong bao na lai' hand gestures a few weeks ago. So far so good.
And then she learnt to pat her chest and say 'pa pa'. That's for facing Monster Yanyan.
Muacks Abbie!


Been sick for the past week lah and my appetite's real bad.

I grow any thinner, you'll be able to tie some strings on my chest and I'll be a walking Pipa (some chinese musical instrument).

The Big Breasts thinks it's very funny and replied my sms filled with HAs.

ZhengChang said I cannot be a Pipa.

(Pipa gao is this throat medicine., ga0=paste. However, there's another word, which is also pronounced as 'gao'. In this other case, gao=tall. Geddit?)

Ni gei wo ji zu. Wo jiao wo da jie bao ta de da bian song gei ni dang sheng ri li wu.

Weili asked me to drink papaya milk.
This one good friend.

Yanyan... don't say her. She's obsessed with this 'bombshell' thingy.
BOM NI DE SI REN TOU. Za dao ni man di zao ya.

Think I better go sleep.

Have a happy CNY everyone!

Last CNY. Abbie was so small.. 4 months old I think. I looked cock too.

Kuai le de gan jue zhen hao.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006



有一幅画,半成品; 因为自己半途停了笔。
该画, 不该画?


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cheap thrills

Whenever something bad happens, instead of feeling dreadful, it'll just dawn upon you, "HENG AH! Luckily it's happening now and not when (insert period)." No?
OR when you are hoping for the worst, it didn't turn out so bad after all.

When such things happen, they make me very happy. Happy happy happy.

Yesterday, I bit my lip real hard.
Today, no ulcer.

Today, I got my menses.
Next week, it's CNY.


Have been really busy. It was fun though.
Super tiring, and I'm sick.
Never shall try to arrange another song with my limited skills. tai bu zhi liang li le.

I missed Abbie though. And I haven't meet up with my uncle for like 2 weeks. Bad bad bad. Whatever happened to 'lesson learnt', Miss Teo?

Duh. I'm blogging for the sake of blogging.

Shall have some pics of Abbie, yi jie wo xiang si zhi ku.

Yin wei sheng bing, suo yi gan dao ruan ruo.
Yin wei ruan ruo, suo yi xiang zhao ge ren teng.
Dan wo kang ju yi qie gan qing jiu jie.
Wo tao yan ruan ruo, suo yi wo hui jian qiang, geng jian qiang.

Abbie, sayang Ah Yi please?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I know I know..spiders are having a great time weaving webs on my blog. But it's the holiday season! Enjoy first, blog later. =P

On Christmas eve, MoS was where I went, together with CYY, Alan and his friends. Then it was to Kelvin's place for mahjong. Lost sia. Sorry Benny.

At MoS.

On Christmas Day, we went to Weili's aunt's condo for a BBQ.
Totally in the festive mood, I was excited despite sleeping for only 2 hours.

Upon arrival, we bumped into one of Weili's aunties and his grandma. His family was having their Chrismas party in the function room. It was a potluck event.
Just between his aunt and grandma, they brought or should I say, cooked, 2 shepherd pies, tiramisu, tuna and potato salad, chocolate fondue and one big pot of curry.

I asked Weili, 'Eh, if I contribute all our BBQ food, can I join the potluck?'
He ignored me. Bitch.

At the bbq, we took a long time to have the fire good enough to cook due to the substandard charcoal we bought.

No choice but to take pictures lor.
I was in a dilenma whether to post this pictures.
No make-up, no photoshop. Hehehehe. Abit uglier than usual la.

Louisa and Junehohoho

Louisa again, and I.

This 老一杀,a little greedy, ain't she?

Lamlam trying very hard to make things work.

Notice there's no sign of Weili, Andy and the smelly Yanyan.
Well, the guys drove out to get better charcoal, while Yanyan, was erm.. SLEEPING like a hobo on the stone bench.

Our food...

There were fish fillets, potatoes, prawns, and many more..cannot remember.

Yanyan woke up when food is almost ready and Weili got angry. Very fierce sia..

I didn't care la, I was very hungry.
Lamlam stole my hotdog.

Bad Lamlam, stole my food, 吃相又难看

Poor me. Nothing to eat, got kiap-ed by thongs. Boohoo.

Then..the Gorrilla came to save me. (It's a spelling mistake on purpose la. That's how Weili's blog is spelled.)

The Almighty Kong. Uh no, wrong. The Almighty La.

While I ran away to Toiletland, La went into rampage and went to traumatise 老一杀.

Sadly, 老一杀 'boh hiew' him.

Hence, he tried harder.

This time, it worked.

Super bo liao.

We were all so full. We packed up and went inside to join Weili's relatives.

Oh My God.
Food Paradise.

I ate somemore.
A lot more.

It was super fun. Weili's family members were super sporting.
There was this game, where we played judges to. The married couples were supposed to complete the passing of a rambutan as fast as they could. The rambutan had to go through the husbands' pants via the crouch area and then through the wives' sleeves across the breasts. Everyone did it without holding back. For a moment, I was so worried that someone's balls will get squeezed and squashed by accident. Haha.

Speaking of balls,
Weili likes to lick people's ball...

and has his ball licked.

Andy also want...but he has got no ball.

I think he likes it.


The guys.

The girls.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Cheng Yanyan! This pic is a social suicide.

The santa-rinas.

The siaos.

Who said we look alike? Alike meh?

The gays.

Now we know why Lili doesn't have a girlfriend.


And the torturer.

Happy Christmas!


What's a holiday without singing right?

Went KTV with Wanyi, Lamlam, Zhengchang, Shiyin and her friends, Mingsui and Kaixin.

Eh, Miss Dang, forgot to take pictures la. Kns. Next time gotta put your beautiful face on my blog.

Yanyan and Weilie joined us later for supper.
Lamlam and LZC while the rest of us went Balcony.


I looked pale hor.. Why ah?



Me, Yanyan and June.

(If you are going to start on our dressing inviting trouble, save it.
June was in a long sleeve shirt and she was the one who got touched.)

Whatever it is, Happy Holidays!!

It's the start of a new year.
Let's all leave the unhappiness behind and look forward to have a great year!
Nothing shall ever rob us of our rights to be happy, right?
Come on, big smile!

Happy Holidays, Happy 2006!