Thursday, December 01, 2005

You will like this.

John Little Warehouse Sale @ Expo Hall 4.
1st - 11th December.

I'll be helping my cousin-in-law out at her bins. Say hi when you spot me!

Have fun shopping!


Blogger .-*jaN3*-. said...

even if i DO say hi,you wont know who i am anyways. haha.

9:29 PM

Blogger Mine Host said...

Wow, may well be visiting to Singapore (far distant foreign country) on the 11th, may drop past Expo hall 4, hehe, are we all supposed to buy something?

12:40 AM

Blogger PRIS said...

haha, you rawks =DD

2:00 AM

Blogger shuddupfirst said...

Shuyin! I think you are soo pretty!!!!


3:31 PM

Blogger Shaike said...

*blows a kiss* like ur blg better than xiaxue..

4:02 PM


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