Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To be or not to be?

Can two persons, who were a couple, be friends after their breakup, when one party still have feelings for the other?

I detest the thought of that.

Platonic friendships do exist between males and females, but they wouldn't be so if one of them doesn't see the other only as a friend, no?

I cannot be friends with someone who feels something more than what it should be towards me. It's like making use of the friendship as a platform to remain close or whatsoever.

I prefer either 'I cannot stop loving you and don't want to be friends so I'll go away' or 'I still want to be friends therefore I shall try to treat and view you only as a friend'.

Everything is clean cut and straight to the point. Nothing in between.

Why must things be so complicated?
It's all in the mind...I think.



Blogger uglyfatchick said...

But it's hard to believe it when someone says: 'I still want to be friends therefore I shall try to treat and view you only as a friend'

That's what I think..

10:10 PM

Blogger End of Omie said...

it's not an impossible thing. but one thing for sure, both individuals have to be very honest with each other. if remaining friends is just another excuse for either person to remain in hope for another go at being together, it's just going to make the whole thing turn ugly in the end.

my ex and i broke up 4 years ago and guess what, we're still friends. i still care for her and think of her but merely as friends and nothing more.

there was a time where i did confess to her that i'm still holding a little hope of getting back with her(i'm also with someone now for almost 4 years and things are not at all smooth going) but my ex, i shall call her Y now and get rid of the 'ex' thingy, said she doesn't want to ruin what we have now. after that, i finally woked up and realise what stupid thing i've done that could've nearly ruined everything.

so from that moment onwards, Y and I have turned into bosom buds and we share our happy and sad things with each other. we're very close and would never crossed the line of friendship for we've finally cleared up everything once and for all.

because of this, i've actually work harder in improving my relationship with my now gf and things are going quite well as a matter of fact.

if your ex is a person whom you would want to cherish as a friend, let him know the truth and let him decide if he can handle it. if not, the only way is to totally keep out of contact with him. that's the only advice i can give to you. luck!

3:19 AM


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