Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Enough already.

That day while I was working, my cousin, 30+, sms-ed me, saying that people are fighting in my blog, and she's gonna join in for the fun of it.

=______=!! (I prefer using the '=' sign as the eyes 'cos I have double eyelids! Muahahahahahha)

I don't really know what's going on.
Haven't been checking out my own blog, you see.

From the few that I managed to see.. I guess it's still the same old thing. My blog is BORING.

I know, right?

That day, Yanyan was reading my blog. 5 seconds later, she dozed off and fell off her pink plastic chair. She dived head first into the rubbish bin, and then remained in there till the next day.

When she woke up, she found the used cotton bud that I used to dig my ears, stucked up her nostril. Traumatised, she deleted the bookmark to this blog of mine.

So, if you find my site boring, maybe you'll like to do the same thing, or I'll be more than glad to send u a few pieces of my used cotton buds. =)

One more thing, I realised alot of those who are critising my blog, are actually saying all that in response to those tags that go, 'This is an interesting site!' or 'I like your site!'. If you haven't notice, THOSE ARE SPAM.

Don't believe me? Place your cursor over the IDs and click. See where you've arrived at. Please don't make me laugh at your ignorance anymore.

p/s:Thanks to those who have been defending Abbie! I really appreciate it!


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