Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shuyin the Cheapo.

Got two free tickets to watch the Singapore Hit Awards 2005 on Friday, thanks to Feifei.

I love to watch live performances. It is only then that audience can see where these music performers stand in terms of singing abilities.

Looking at the singers who were going to attend the ceremony, I was rather excited.

Nah..Jay Chou was absent, and only A-Xin from Mayday came.
F.I.R attended though.

Great performances, pretty people.
Especially Stefanie Sun. Her live performances never fail to impress me.
I'm not a fan of JJ, but his multiple musical talents are undeniably good.

The whole awards ceremony was rather enjoyable except for one thing that annoyed me VERY MUCH.

One group of people, to be exact: the Energy fans.

I have absolutely no qualms about people cheering for their idol(s) when they perform, receive an award or go on stage. But I CANNOT stand it when those people screamed their heads off the whenever the camera captured a shot of the Energy members SITTING IN THE AUDIENCE SEATS DOING NOTHING.

It pisses me off even more when they did it while other singers were performing on stage. What will these performers feel, if they find out that the audience cheered not because of their performance, but because Energy appeared on the screens for a split second?

There was this part, when the CEO of RIAS was giving an important speech. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was interuppted by an uproar. Him, knowing what was going on, gave a snigger and went, 'Thank you, thank you,', then continued with his important speech.

Ain't that embarrassing or what?

Embarrassed, if I'm one of the Energy members, and my fans are disrespectful to my fellow colleagues.
Embarrassed, as a Singaporean, to have such display of bad-mannerism in front of foreign guests.

I blurted a very loud, 'Mei you li mao!' after the 2 so-emotional-that-they-started-grabbing-their-hair girls erupted into screams beside me. Cannot tahan anymore.

Those people infuriated me further by leaving early just because their idols are not going to appear anymore during the awarding of the last award, to Zhou Hua Jian.


I'm no music guru to determine who is good or bad. But it is still basic courtesy to respect whoever is performing on stage, whether you like him or her.


Enough of the ramblings.

To express my gratification to Feifei for the tickets, I decided to buy him a little something...


An underwear!
I have no idea what is it called.
Not G-string, not thong, briefs? I dunno la.
The two straps by the side are suppose to hang right below the butt cheeks if I'm not wrong.
Abbie's Dad chose it.

Even though Feifei didn't say anything, I think he secretly likes it.
I'm such a nice cousin right?
$1 nia from the Metro Warehouse Sale. Chin chai lah.

It seems like I kept buying underwear for people this year.

A little recap...

A red lacy panty with gold trimmings for Yanyan.

I just realised I couldn't find the rest of the pictures I have in mind!

The one with Lamlam in the black boxer with shimmery red lips, and the one of Ah Niao in the black elephant g-string with a purple fluff ball!


If anyone has them, can you please please send them to me?

Xie xie ni! Ai si ni le! Muack muack muack!

Back to the sale.

Lots of cheap but good buys!

Lingerie. $6.80 in total.

Shopping ain't shopping without bags and shoes.


Yellowish-green sling-back pumps with kitten heel. $16.90.

Turquoise pumps with embroidery. $19.90.

I lovelovelovelovelovelove shoes!

2 Converse trucker hats for $10 from Converse warehouse sale.
See the corduroy newsboy hat in the middle?
It's a Harry Potter Gryffindor hat! $5.90.
I'm so gonna wear it to the movie, which is showing in less than 2 weeks time!


Mei bu mei?

I love warehouse sales.

Now I have to go moderate Yanyan's comments. Bo bian, I asked her to buy alot of things for me from BKK.

Ciao people.

(All of these except for the 2 Converse caps were bought from the Metro Warehouse Sale which had officially ended yesterday (Sunday). The Converse stuff were bought at their warehouse sale on Wednesday, which should have ended by now. All the time, I follow my cousin to these sales, so don't ask me where 'cos I'm not the driver. The big sales are usually at Expo. They'll usually advertise in the papers. Hope all these information helps. =D)


Blogger Sharon said...

wow, that's so cheap. a warehouse sales? where? update me too !!!

3:42 AM

Blogger she-ler said...

Yea,it is especially irritating and worst still,the person in front of you start jumping,you'll be really pissed as you have to like tilt your head a lot.

1:25 PM

Blogger jac said...

hi may i know where did you buy the blue turquoise shoes frm? it looks gorgeous =D

4:29 PM

Blogger laugh out loud said...

where did u buy that harry potter hat from? i oso want!!!

7:21 PM

Blogger kªrin said...

i wan that harry potter cap tooooo!

where u get it?

7:58 PM

Blogger ChengPei said...

Hi..May i know where did u get the harry potter cap?

5:16 PM

Blogger ChengPei said...

where did u get the harry potter cap?

5:16 PM

Blogger ChengPei said...

where did u get the harry potter cap?

5:17 PM

Blogger hmpx said...

i just went for hush puppies warehouse sales..

8:18 PM

Blogger denise said...

you have to take note that most energy fans are xiao mei mei(s) not all....
so don't yi pian gai quan...take one pole and whack everyone off the boat. thanks. =D

11:59 PM


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