Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good Day!

Hey peeps, there's a Loreal Warehouse Sale at Expo.
If you guys use their products, might wanna have a look. I haven't go though.

It's a lovely Saturday.
And Junne's back from Perth! Yay!

By the way, these are some pics.

Taken at my 5th uncle's wedding...
My aunt, the bride, is DA BEST. She wore a black SHEER GOWN, with only sequins and embroidery covering the 'important' parts.
*whistles* (I don't know how to)

Taken in Yanyan's room. She likes the lighting.
I find it a tad too pale and very 'shu nu'. Eeeeewwww...
But well, since she painstakingly took and edited it, shall put it up.
Her skills are good, eh?

Same day. Taken at Cineleisure.
I was getting impatient with Idris on the phone. Thus the expression.

If you still haven't notice..YOU ARE BLIND!
I think about 6-7 inches got snipped off. Hehehehe..

Don't think it's nicer or not. Rather difficult to compare. Just different.

And I like it!
I'm so sick of sporting long hair.
That day after I stepped out of Suntec, I saw so many people with long, curly hair. Felt a sudden disgust with my hairstyle. So yeah, OFF IT GOES!

Front view.
Somehow, the short hair makes me hyper. Lighter too!
Maybe that explains the 0.6kg off my weight.

Time to cut your hair ladies!



Blogger Bimbo Tan said...

hey, that's a nice haircut babe! *wolf whistles* (i dont know how to :P)

5:57 PM

Blogger she-ler said...

Wow!You do look cool with the new hairstyle.-D

9:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you look pretty good with the short hair. I cut my hair recently and I think I look like a KU KU...


12:09 PM

Blogger bsjj said...

Is Xiaxue's face photoshopped? hehehe..

2:50 PM

Blogger Wilber's Fan said...

hi, u look like taiwan singer ah mei w ur new hair cut.

10:15 PM

Blogger .-*jaN3*-. said...

i just cut my hair recently too! lols` gives a new look lars. =)

2:07 AM

Blogger .-*jaN3*-. said...

hahas. yep. same to you! x)im honoured to haf you tag my board. hahas. thanks-

2:48 AM

Blogger iced lemon tea said...

love your new haircut!!!!! haha for me i've been keeping short hair for who knows how long.. so i guess i wanna try keeping long hair for awhile. ur old hairstyle not bad also wad =) hahas its just ur new haircut is refreshing.

2:27 PM

Blogger skyefongDewei said...

look abit like Amei zhang hui mei.

3:45 AM

Blogger nicole(: said...

lol. hey, you look sexier with short hair and not too plump too! (: i love your hair!

6:58 PM

Blogger ms.bulat said...

omgomg veryvery niceee!!~: D i jealous okayy~~**

1:28 AM


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