Friday, November 11, 2005


There were these two occasions on two different days, Yanyan was RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

The first time, quite some time ago, a drunk girl puked onto my leg. Miss Cheng got away unscathed.

Yesterday, the waiter spilled Bailey's down my white halter top and white mini skirt. I looked as if I shitted in my skirt.
Yanyan? Nothing at all.

Maybe I'm just not supposed to go for Mambo nights.



Blogger she-ler said...

haha.Maybe Xiaxue just have more luck =)

1:16 PM

Blogger Raine said...

Hmm.. maybe it has nothing to going to Mambo Nights.. instead it might have to do with Wendy instead..

9:53 PM

Blogger fantic said...

Suay lah.. =P

4:23 PM


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