Wednesday, October 19, 2005


一位艺人说过一句话。他说:“人,在面对现实时, 有两种应对方法:一种是逼自己长大;另一种是变得像个孩子一样。”

真是一言惊醒梦中人。 不,应该说“顿悟”,比较贴切吧。





听过了那句话,再慢慢咀嚼后,发现自己的“双性”,会因环境的驱使而交替。 在面对无助、孤立,或必须自身担当责任时,我变得很理智;为了保护自己,我会呈现淡漠。相反的,如周遭有可信赖之人能给予庇护,主导权我拱手相让,担子让你挑;自己则做个需要人照顾,只会撒娇哭闹的孩子。




**I'm using NJStar Communicator. This one allows users to type Chinese on every platform, I think. If you are using NJStar Chinese WP, just type in the program, and then simply do a copy and paste to where you want it to be. I think this works for every other chinese processing software. If there are anymore questions about how to this, I don't know if I can answer everyone of them, 'cos I learnt all these through trial and error. Good luck and have fun.


Blogger yocoolboy said...

hi... i came to your blog after visiting xiaxue's ya. first time visiting. saw this chinese entry and i could say..well..i'm sort of impressed. i mean many bloggers around me are now not concerned about using the chinese language to blog.. let alone write something that can represent their innermost feelings at times... i think chinese characters can sometimes bring out the beauty of a person.. and also well.. the truthful thinkings of someone.. although i'm no expert here.. but i'm really very impressed to see such a well written chinese entry.haha.

11:03 PM

Blogger taMmy said...

too bad i'm a banana... sigh

2:42 AM

Blogger .-*jaN3*-. said...

pardon me arhs- i wanna type in chinese as wells. but my com don have the program. niwaes,just wanted to sae- you shi hou,bu yi ding yao wan quan de cheng shu. you shi hou,guo yu cheng shu,er wang le you zhi,ye shi yi zhong ke bei. haha. ges it all depends on your point of view aint it? =)

1:26 AM


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