Sunday, October 16, 2005

30 over years ago, a little baby girl was born.
She was a cute baby indeed, just like the girl in picture below.

Of course this is not her. This is yours truly. So cute, so adorable. And I'm not so OLD...

This FOLLOWING one is the girl I'm talking about.

30 over years later, in 2004, this little girl, all grown up (and married), was pregnant. The little girl then, is now an 'Ah-Soh'.
The expected due date for the baby was around 25th Oct 2004.

However, little did Ah-Soh and her husband expected the baby to arrive 2 weeks earlier. They still happily went to attend a friend's wedding at Ritz Carlton. They just finished the third dish and she felt the contractions.

They had to leave. What a waste. I heard they gave a BIG hongbao. Tsk tsk tsk..

Easy birth it was.
The baby was born on 10 October 2004.
It was the Mommy's birthday.
The baby? It's a girl, whom her Ah Yi fell in love with after she saw her beautiful eyes.
Her name is Abigail Lim Shi En.
The meaning behind the name 'Abigail' is 'Daddy's delight'. She's everybody's delight.

The little tiny baby grew day by day, into one active little darling of her parents.
Soon, one year passed, and here we are, to celebrate her VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY, or should I say, the very first birthday that Baby Abbie and Mommy is going to celebrate TOGETHER.

A party was held at Downtown East Pasir Ris Chalet on the 8th October 2005, which close friends and relatives were invited to celebrate this special day with the family.

The forever so nice Ah Yi (Yours Truly again) and her smelly friend, Cheng Yanyan painted a banner for the birthday girls, since they have alot of paint left, after painting their friend's birthday banner last month.
Of course they are not such cheapos to only paint it 'cos they didn't wanna waste the paint. They painted the banner 'cos Ah Yi loves Abbie very much, and CYY wanted to boast about her 'artistic-skills', and that she's worried that she would not be allowed into the party.

Apart from the banner, Ah Yi, her sister (who is another Ah Yi too) , and CYY decorated the venue with pink and white balloons and curly golden ribbons! NICE!

That's cheeky Abbie in Mommy's arms and their chocolate birthday cake!

That's another birthday cake. Mango flavoured. 2nd celebration. Private one with Daddy and Ah Yi..
The bad thing about having the same birthday as your mom, is that, you have to share the cake with her. And since she's holding on to the spoon, you can only STARE when Mommy eats...
Poor Abbie darling.

3rd celebration at Swensen's.
Much better. Two 'cakes' this time. 2 Firehouse Sundaes for the birthday girls...
Oh, and not to forget the special birthday song sung by the staff.

Look what Abbie got for her birthday! Lotsa clothes and toys!

Oh wait, what's that?!?!
(Zoom in, zoom in)

A t-shirt hand-made by both Ah Yi!!

Here's the birthday girl at her post party celebration.
Let's go ask her a few questions!

Ah Yi: Abbie baby, you are enjoying yourself! Aren't you?


Ah Yi: How did you find your party?

Abbie: Gagaga! The cake is this big!

Ah Yi: Oh, so you love your cake?

Abbie: Yumyum! I ate 30 slices of cake. Three-Zero. Mum mum.

Ah Yi: Woah. So how did you find your birthday on the whole?


Blogger she-ler said...

Abbie is the cutest.Why a nice timeline you've designed for the darling!

11:02 AM

Blogger ApPle5 said...

Abbie's a Libran too?? She's soo adorable!

10:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abbie's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

11:23 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Hehe thank you thank you.
Abbie is getting cuter, and more mischievious too...
Playing with her can help one lose weight..If not why I so miao tiao.

8:54 PM

Blogger charmaine said...

hey shuyin, can you tell me how you did the words at the back of your handmade tshirt? i am thinking of doing it as a gift for my friend. thanks alot! and youre so lucky to have such a beautiful niece :)

4:30 PM

Blogger corrine said...

one day when abbie grows up, and if she has a chance to read all this, she'll know how many people loved her. :D

5:56 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Charmaine, sorry for the late reply.
For me, I bought the iron-on adhesive tape from Spotlight. Then I bought some cloth, also from spotlight.
Draw on the cloth.
Stick the tape on to the back of cloth.
Cut them out and iron them onto the shirt.

I thought it out by myself. Maybe you can improvise or what.

4:23 PM


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