Thursday, September 01, 2005


wo de xin zhen de shou shang le...


I cried and I cried and I cried.

Oh my god! I was sosososososososososososososo TOUCHED!!

Tears flowing uncontrollably, mixing with the Pipa Duck I was eating(or was it the Chilli Crab?).

Who cares if I was a mess?

Weilian sung it so WONDERFULLY can?!?!?!

Who cares if my mascara smudged?

With my dirty hands, I ran upstairs and grabbed my mobile, punched smses to Wanyi & Yanyan. I know both of them will be bawling too if they were watching.


I was going to be neutral for the competition, 'cos I felt both finalists were good.

Sorry Kelly, I think you did better than Weilian on the whole, but that one song won me over.

When Weilian teared after completing all five rounds, I was so happy for him.
It was a long, long road, and him being visually impaired, he had to put in more effort than any other person in the competition.
At that point of time, it did not matter if he didn't win. He is a winner to have come so far and complete his duties..

I could not help myself anymore, I VOTED!!

I was screaming at the highest pitch I can muster when the results were out!
(*whispers* I'm a Soprano 1)
Sorry neighbours, I couldn't help it.

I was talking with Wanyi about the show, and I'm so proud to be a Singaporean! We have a blind superstar, 1st in the world, I think (excluding Taiwan's Jin Men Wang & Li Bing Hui), and Xu Huan Liang is so li hai! He wrote such beautiful lyrics in a matter of 4 hours.. *mo bai*

If you're happy and you know you clap your hands!
Piak Piak
*Abbie giggles*
If you're happy and you know you clap your hands!
Piak Piak
*Abbie giggles*
When you're happy and you know, and you really want to show,
if you're happy and you know you clap your hands! PIAK PIAK!
*Abbie giggles*


Blogger Caraline said...

I voted for him too. I cried when they annouced his name as Superstar. It's like finally...he won..

12:27 AM

Blogger idiosyncratic intruder said...

hope pple will stop saying that he won with sympathy votes. He might not be the best but no one can deny tt he really can sing n he did put in efforts for his looks n removing the nasal voice.. He is hardworking in improving himself, to make himself worthy of the title. He deserves to win. Feels very happy for Wei Lian! =)

1:27 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...


2:43 AM

Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

they should stop all these childish rubbish once and for all.

he won it fair and square~
how long can you sympathize him?
Everyone should understand that the 60cents doesnt goes to him ok!


8:39 AM


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