Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Shuyin argues with Shuyin...

Case #1
I read a girl's blog pretty regularly.
A few days back, she wrote something along the line of this:
'Most people will think it's my fault anyway, since I'm always the bad girl. I brought it upon myself anyway. I always cover up all his flaws and presented him in good light to all the people around me. Do you know my pain? Nobody will understand the pain that I went through.'

SY1: Cannot stand this kind of people. There she is proclaiming to be oh so noble, and to be the person who took all the shit in the relationship, and then writing in her blog about how pitiful she is. It's like what's her point? She WANTS people to know, or she DOESN'T WANT people to know?
Mind you, I read her blog and always thought that the boyfriend is a scum from all the things she said. There are lousy boyfriends, I know. What good light?

SY2: Maybe she ren wu ke ren?

SY1: Yes I know. Just the point of her not practising what she preached. 说一套,做一套. What she wrote made me think that she's just doing all these to garner sympathy. If she persisted in doing it all the way and keeping it to herself, then I'll truly admit that she's 'noble' indeed.

SY2: But it's her blog. Like a diary. It's a personal space. Don't forget the 'diary' factor.

SY1: But she knows there are people reading her blog leh.

SY2: Don't be a kpo la. Outsiders cannot do much too. The couple are the only ones who know what's what in their relationship.

SY1: Ya lor..that's why I don't talk about mine here. Just in case I get some comments that might sway my objectivity.

SY2: I agree. Eh, don't you hate it that when people quarrel, they give loads and loads of reasons, and they bring out some ancient grandmother story long ago and go on and on.

SY1: Yes yes! The worst thing is, they went one big round, and they didn't address the problem AT ALL. 'Hello, I'm talking THIS problem here. *snap fingers* FOCUS!' They just don't wanna admit that they're wrong la.
But hor, what has it going to do with this case?

SY2: Nothing. Just feel like saying it. Cannot meh?

SY1: -_-! You talk so much. Those reading might think you've got problems with Idris or what.

SY2: Ya hor.. Ok. Shh..shhhh...


Case #2
Weili wrote an entry about this system of his school, which was pretty much a flop. Someone loser wrote and email and sent to various departments with a capital 'S' and said that Weili insulted the school and asked them to look into the matter. The various heads of the departments HAD A MEETING to discuss this matter. Lucky for him, his vice dean was open minded enough. She asked Weili to be careful with what he writes. She didn't want to look into the matter 'cos they don't even know who wrote the letter anyway.

SY1: Heng ah!

SY2: Ya la! Was it necessary to blow the matter up to this extend? Meeting across departments? All my friends who are from that school complained about that system. I bet if they do a google search on their students' blogs, they can easily find a handful who said the same thing about the system.

SY1: Weili's blog has more readers, I guess. Which definitely increased the risk of him getting into trouble.

SY2: True. But what trouble? Excuse me, how do you insult a school? I don't think Weili was insulting anyone or anything anyway. 'Complain' is the better word.

SY1: Maybe it's due to his use of expletives. People react differently towards the use of vulgar language. People who don't know what 'knnbccb' means, may not even bother at all; people who always hear it, will just see it as a form of expressionand brush it off; while people who are more sensitive towards it will take it more seriously and personally. In this case, I think it's the readers' own discretion and give the writer the space to express in his/own style.

SY2: I feel that they should look at the bigger picture of improving the system.

SY1: Correct. Haiz, it's saddening we cannot write as freely anymore. You'll never know what might accuses will be thrown to you the next second.

SY2: Better don't dwell on this anymore then, just in case I get Weili into more trouble.

SY1: 现在都死无对证. Weili had already closed down his blog and going to stop blogging. What a waste. Maybe I shall 撒娇 to him to write me an email from time to time, blogging style.

SY2: Yeah! It's seldom that Shuyin 撒娇 to anyone. GOGOGO!

SY1: -__-!!


Case #3
What else but the case of the JC students getting into trouble because of their blogs. Mrbrown gave a short and sweet summary. Everyone should already know about it.

SY1: Bah! That's simply ridiculous.

SY2: Precisely! Actually come to think of it, it all boils down to the issue of 'what is a blog?', which we are constantly pondering about.

SY1: Yeah. The Net is already a grey area. The nature of a blog is even more ambiguous.
Blog = Web diary.
Web = World Wide Web >> A virtual world where anyone who has internet access can access to.
Diary = A personal, private space to write whatever one wants to express, to record.
The nature of the two things already opposes each other to some extent. So is it private? Or public?
Of course, they can co-exist, if not why are there so many blogs now? But the price is of course, the lesser freedom to express, and the shortchange in content or style.

SY2: Yes! It's a constant struggle man. For example, I say, 'Fatsos are gross!'

SY1: How can you be so insensitive?!

SY2: But it's my diary! I can write whatever I want!

SY1: But there are people reading your blog.

SY2: Then how?! Write or don't write? I really feel that way what...Maybe not all fatsos are gross la. But if I don't write, then it defeats the purpose of this being a diary, then people too say I'm too stupid to come out with anything. But if I write, I might hurt someone, one of them might even sue me too! HOW?!?! *grabs hair*

SY1: relax relax. Back to the topic.

SY2: Paiseh paiseh. Maybe some authority should just come out with a list of Dos and Don'ts in blogs. You know lika Acts? They'll list down every single criteria and such. That'll help.

SY1: Ya right. Do you know how wide of an area they have to cover? Even in the real world, some people 走法律漏洞 to get themselves out of trouble. The Net such a massive space. It'll take a long time to cover every single possible problem.

SY2: You have a point. But look at the JC students. In the first place, if they knew the teachers are reading their blogs, I don't think they would have written what they wrote. I think suspension was too harsh.

SY1: But you are not suppose to insult people in the first place. And shouldn't they bear in mind that it's the WWW.

SY2: But it's a diary!

SY1: There we go again..the diary versus web issue.

SY2: Yes I know. I feel that the school should issue warnings instead. If I'm a teacher, I'll go to the students and say, 'I read your blog about what you wrote about me. Maybe we can sit down and discuss what can be improved. I'm hurt by the comments you made. Would you mind if you can take them down?'

SY1: Ya..If I'm the student, I'll feel guilty already..It shows the benevolence of the teacher too..set a good example.

SY2: Suspension is too much. These things are done out of curriculum. Why should the students' school work be affected too?
If the 'insulted' persons in question are not the teachers, but some other people, will they be suspended from school? I highly doubt so. I can't help to think that the school is abusing their authority.

SY1: Teachers and pricipals should be treated with respect.

SY2: So are any other people. The local teachers' union said they'll back the teachers if they wanted to engage in any legal actions. I know they are trying to protect their members. However I don't think that was a good approach to the problem at all.

SY1: Maybe they gave a harsher punishment to warn the others? 杀一儆百. Remember the two guys who were prosecuted for the racist comments?

SY2: But that was different. The two of them were totally in wrong. That was an issue of NAtional Security. But this? What is the magnitude of the potential damage?可别为了杀鸡儆猴,而导致杀鸡取卵的局面. Teachers has the union the back them up, they have the resources. What about the students? They seemed to be victimised now, no? 物极必反啊.

SY1: Everything is just so confusing. What can be done? What cannot be done?

SY2: Read this. Very helpful.

Minutes later...

SY1: Ok done. Majority of us, do not know every single law there is. We might have committed them without even knowing, thinking it was ok. I think a good way will be to give warnings first. Unless we are talking about really malicious and damaging issues like the racist one.
Very sian-ed by all these. Shall go do my nails.


SY1: What?! You are me ok?!

SY2: I forgot.


Blogger Squido said...

Poor weili, his blog rock and i like it so much. So much for freedom of speech, screw the hypocrite.

11:22 AM

Blogger huiteng said...


its like blog = web diary and its like so contradicting..



3:33 PM

Blogger Miko will be born in 3yrs time.. :P said...

yeah, my bf & my sis kept asking me to be careful on the things I wrote on my blog.. people can't take negative views, jokes & comments these days ya..

I jus hope that a few cases like this won't result too many interesting blogs to close down..

Poor Weili.. Mayb he dun have to close down his blog, jus delete the entries which was sensitive thats all?

3:57 PM


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