Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just photos, or maybe not.

Spent last week playing DW5 at Idris' place.
I love the new character, Xing Cai. Hohoho.

We have relatively clean air in Singapore, but somehow, the air at his place, smells different from everywhere else. That's the perk for living near a 'forest' and far away from the roads I think-fresh, cooling air. My face didn't get as oily throughout the day either.

Damn bimbotic, I know.
Just my little observation. Shall write it down just in case they move house.

In his house.
For once, no double chin, no red eye.
Think I've put on weight. And I hate it when it happens, 'cos it all pile up at the wrong areas. -_-!
I don't have Photoshop in my lappy. So what you see is what you get. Very sad. Cannot edit.

Talking about photoshop, Mr Chua HAS photoshop.
So, I gave it a shot to do some photo editing. Hopefully I can give Miss Cheng a run for her money. =D

GWAH!! Look at the double chin, baby. You like?
From this fugly, yellowish picture...




shi bu shi hen mei?
Nicer jaw line.
We look scandalous hor?

Think I shall install the software.
Nah..don't think I can surpass Yanyan though. In terms of experience, I've already lost out.

I don't understand why are people against photo editing.
If technology enables us to make things look better, why not?

There is this celebrity, who apppeared in a local magazine cover in a bikini. She has a scar on her adomen area, and they airbrushed it away.
Confirm, chop, guarantee that she's definitely above average, both face and figure.
No one will want the scar to spoil the whole aesthetics, wouldn't they?
Even if we don't mind the scar being there, as the boobs already diverted the attention, it'll still be better if we can ENHANCE the visual, correct?

Let's not talk about ugliness, since it's such a BE-U-TIFUL world and everything is so BE-U-TIFUL.
Will you rather keep beautiful or 'beautiful-er' photos of yourself?
If you choose the former, sorry, we don't click. You can close this window already.
In the mean time, see a doctor. You somethingwrong. (Shuyin does circular motion with index finger beside her temple.)

When we post our pictures in our blogs, friendster, even MSN profile, of course we'll select the nicer ones. So if we are able to photoshop our photos and make them more visually friendly, we can have more of them! Then, we'll be happy, people who see them will also be happy ('cos no need to puke while having lots to see), everyone will be happy! jie da huan xi! *throws confetti*

But then again, 'photoshopping' is a very time consuming process.
The best thing will be, to not need to edit anything, and still look great!

The model with great skin, cute face, will of course...


She's turning one already...
And she have four little teeth now...
Not very little la. Poor baby, must be quite a torture when the gum itches.

Lots and lots of Abbie!
She has so many expressions now, that it is so difficulte to keep track of.
My cousin counted that within 5 minutes while she was sleeping, she changed 30 poses.
shi bu shi hen li hai?

I just saw her yesterday, and seeing this pictures make me miss her already...

Totally irrelevant, but Joel aka bigfuck aka rambotan said he likes the larger than life caucasians in Chicago, which is where he is now. Bet he's having a GREAT time.
And we both dislike MEMEs.
Have fun and study hard ah!


Blogger eileen said...

hi! really cute photos. I like photoshop too. But i never tried before. I bet it really makes us female species happy when we at least can do something to our image rather than plain ones. =))). I love yr niece! really adorable. We could see u realli lub her. =DD

9:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abbie, Abbie! Abbie, Abbie, Abbie!

Ouch, she's so cute!!!

Abbie, Abbie! Abbie, Abbie, Abbie!

Hehe... Abbie darling...

8:53 PM

Blogger J Schnorng said...

i never hor. i only say they are ah puis.

2:06 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

shuyinn!!! ni hao ma??? haven't heard from you in ages!! tsk tsk...

and hor, you no need to photoshop wan laaaa... adoi, who wanna impress?? got idris liao ma... somemore you're already GORGEOUS!

nonono i'm not buttering you

*crosses fingers*

10:39 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

miss cheneille, I'm a big vain pot leh. Yue mei yue hao!

You sound very high. Didn't take medicine ah?

11:35 PM

Blogger Cherie said...

hmmm.. love photoshop but dunnoe how to use.

where did u learn?

10:04 PM

Blogger Cherie said...

where did u learn how to use photoshop?

10:05 PM


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