Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Happy Sunday!

(Edited: My lousy cousin can't read han yu pin yin. Tsk.)
It's Sunday!
And it's our beloved gorilla's birthday!

I'm blogging over at his place now..
Stupid Yanyan is still sleeping and stupid Weili kept mumbling to himself..

I'm such a nice friend, I tell you!

Yanyan and I spent 6-7 hours yesterday PAINTING a banner for the birthday boy.
Didn't even do such thing for my Jerry Yen when I went for the F4 concert can?!

Ahahahaha. Chuan bang le.

Shall post more details and pics of his big day tomorrow. HOHOHOHOHOHO!

Meanwhile, it's Abbie time!

To date, little baby has three little teeth and she loves biting my bangle.
Oh my god, she's so cute can?

Who cares if you think that I'm using the baby's photos to make up for my 'lack of content'?
Whenever I see her cute, chubby face, it makes me happy!
Shui guan ni men ah? Wo kai xin jiu hao.
LEI CHOI AH? (Cantonese)


She's wearing the rhomper I bought for her from KL which turn out to fit pretty well, and er..biting the toy I bought too..

Ni zai pai wo ma?
Ai pai na li, jiu pai na li. --Mdm Mok, this is a line from an OS*M advertisement, in case you dunno
(Are you photographing me? Take wherever you want.)

Wo ji xu yao!
(I continue biting.)

Wo zuo zhe yao..
(I can bite while I'm sitting..)

Tang zhe ye ke yi yao!
(Can also bite while I'm lying down!)

A-yi shuo wo shi CHAO JI WU DI XIAO KE AI!!!
Wa biang, this one very hard to translate..

Still biting..


Hen lei leh, pai na me duo photos.
(Very tiring leh, take so many photos)


Have a nice day, people!


Blogger Mine Host said...

"Lack of Content"? Anything you choose to put in YOUR blog is "content". Persons who prefer different content are free to take their idea of what is "suitable content" & put it in a blog of THEIR OWN.

Post whatever you please. We are pleased to read/look at whatever you choose to post.

Detractors who are unhappy with the content have the option of not reading the blog.

I recommend they select that option!

8:16 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

But they'll never get it..

1:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pics.

11:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said, mine host.

i agree.

11:22 PM

Blogger Nataline said...

gosh, she is freaking cute!!!

5:34 PM


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