Thursday, September 15, 2005


Omigosh omigosh!
I'm so excited la!
'Cos Idris said he'll get this for me within these few days.

Dynasty Warriors 5!!!

I totally love this game..
It's easier then the typical RPGs like Xenosaga, in which I'll have pretty much fallen asleep before Kosmos gets her new costume or what. The levelling up process is so monotonous.
I'll just wait for Idris to complete them, and I'll watch the 'movies' with the nice songs.

But Dynasty Warriors -> MY KIND OF GAME!!

Fight fight fight!

Oh, not to forget the story line too..
San Guo Yan Yi!

My favorite character in the story and in the game (DW 1,2,3,4):

Doesn't Guan Yu just emits the OMPH vibes?
I have a thing for heroic characters who apart from the usual package of being righteous, courageous and bash those baddies upside down, they have this fatherly touch about them.
Don't know what the hell I'm talking about?
I also don't know. Very difficult to explain.
Think Bruce Willis, Zhang Tie Lin, Jin Chao Qun...

My BEST character:

After I played Guan Yu until cannot play anymore, I had to choose a new one. The thing about playing with pro-gamers like Idris and his sister, is that all the good characters, ARE ALL TAKEN BY THEM before I understand what is what, what belongs to what. They have already done all the necessary research by the time they get their hands on it. -_-
I was stuck with no many choices, so I chose someone from my favorite country in the story, Shu.
Surprisingly, I was very good leh!

Usually if we get bored of playing our core characters, we will select a few, just for fun.

Idris' sister likes to use this guy:

No matter if he wins or loses a battle, he'll go around making comments somewhere along the lines of 'I'M SO BEAUTIFUL."
Reminds me of Yanyan.

This time round, I'm going to try this new character:

I like her name. So meng huan.
And she belongs to Shu. (SHUyin)
Abit lame.
You don't even think about it.
Every time there's new female character, YOU TAKE. Big boobs, YOU SNATCH.
I still remember Ayane. Stupid woman, her boobs are the size of my heads.
At least I'm taller. *indignant*

I don't think Yanyan will read this entry. It'll bore the hell out of her. She hate's 'male' topics, topics which guys can go on and on and on and forget about the girlfriends. NS is one, gaming is another. I can't stand it, too.

My boyfwen ah, is a hardcore gamer.
There was a period of time he was totally obsessed with the Final Fantasy online version. Whenever I go over to his place, he'll just be playing.
I'll take a nap, read magazines, watch DVDs, and he'll be playing non-stop.

Being the very nice girlfriend I was, I didn't complain.
I did my own stuff, and when night came, 'OK! I HAVE TO GO HOME.'
This happened for a few times, THEN THE BOYFRIEND WILL START TO FEEL GUILTY.
'Oh, I didn't spend quality time with my girlfriend.'
'Oh I'm such a jerk, totally neglected her, and yet she's so nice about it. Didn't complain at all.'


Of course, that didn't work permanantly. Whenever there's a new game, the process repeats itself all over again.

One day, I was fed-up.

But I only managed to play well in a few games. A tad more controls, I fumble.
At least I tried...

On a different note, the siblings are really good gamers. So many of Idris' friends, the two of them win every one of them. So most of the time, I just watch.

Kinda 'high' today.
Must be the excitement of getting the game.

Sleepless gaming nights! Here I come!!!


Blogger Power said...

hi girl, Is this game on Xbox or playstation ??

9:55 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

They have it for both consoles.

12:32 PM

Blogger Power said...

okok tks !!

3:01 PM

Blogger holyegg said...

AWWW SHIT! I JUST HAVE TO GET IT WHEN I GET BACK INDO (T-T fake la no money to buy REAL one) n have to wait till november.LOL i LOVE zhao yun too! But im not tt good with him.

5:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good game.

1:29 PM

Blogger the virgin undergrad said...

eh! why Zhang He look so gay one?! damn wrong leh.

2:00 AM

Blogger YuNz- said...

somehow Koei decided to make Zhang He look gay.

and i'm a sucker for the Dynasty Warriors series. also a sucker for games from Koei. XP~~

3:10 AM


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