Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I've said this many times to my friends, and I shall say it here, too...

I think, the blogging world is pretty much, screwed up nowadays.
It seems to me that more and more bloggers are writing for fame on the expense of others, for flaming others, for many other reasons, but not what blogs or rather, web diaries, are supposed to be in the first place...

Even I, myself, am not blogging the way people are supposed to write in their diaries. I can't bring myself to write too much about my inner self; I can't bring myself to write too much about people around me, in order to protect them; and I can't bring myself to write because I have no idea what topic will actually NOT induce any negative comments. Even when I didn't do anything, there are actually people who have bad stuff to say.

And, it doesn't help, with irresponsible people popping out of nowhere, leaving nasty comments, creating disrespectful stuff about others, hurting people, just because no one will know about their true identity in real life.

Seeing my close friend get hurt by untrue accusations, made me very cynical about this whole blogging subject.

Very often, I have the urge to ask her to stop blogging, but I can't, because it's her source of income, and it's her dream.
Very often, I asked myself, 'Since I don't really like blogging so much, why don't I just stop writing?'. And then my answer will be that, at least, sometimes, I can use my blog as a medium to stand up for this friend of mine. In the mean time, I can record stories and pictures of my darling niece and 'hao lian' to everyone. Also, I can write, if I feel like it, that is.

Lately, I felt quite bad 'cos I haven't been defending her as much as before.
Even if I said my piece, those that agree with me, are those who supports her too. Those who don't and do not want to see my point, will never ever do so.
Suan le ba...
It's fine to not agree with someone's actions or views. It will be good if one can 'dui shi bu dui ren'(target on the issue but not personally). I do not always agree with this friend too. But I think it is rather important to get all the facts right before we start to churn out any opposing views.

From my blog, I don't think anyone can know much about me, as I made it a point to protect myself. I felt that the more I disclose, the more stuff there is, for people to attack me. Even so, I still got my share of nonsense, 'You are xiaxue's dog', 'You are ugly' blah blah blah. These are still acceptable... It is totally impossible to tolerate when people pick on innocent people, even more ridiculous, pick on babies...
If the point is to make me upset, congratulations, you did it. I am not affected by the things you say, 'cos they make no sense to me, just a bunch of garbage. I'll just delete them. No biggie.
However, I am traumatised, by where all these crap are coming from. It makes me disgusted, to imagine how ugly the hearts of these people, to say such hurtful things about people. I tried to make myself understand by explaining to myself, 'No choice la, I'm Xiaxue's good friend.' But even totally harmless people who are related to famous bloggers like mrbrown's kids, kenny's dad, etc, get attacks like these too.. Ni men hai you mei you ren xing de?
It is just pathetic...
Did I mention that these are usually people who have only made up cyber identities?
Next time, if you see us on the streets, come say it in our faces. I'll hail you for that, really.

There are so many blogs out there. If anyone doesn't like a blog, ditch it and search for one that is worthy of your time and intelligence. Bloggers are not newspapers' writers. Their duties and responsibilities are different...cut them some slack and give them a chance to breathe.

To my blogging friends who are on hiatus,
Take care, recharge, and come back with a blast!

To my blogging friends who have their share of nonsense,
Stay strong, stay happy, and continue writing! 'Cos I wanna read!

Muack muack,

(Like always, I didn't check through my SPGs. Correct me all you want..I'll change if I feel like it, or if Wanyi starts bugging me about them.)


Blogger Daffodils Aplenty said...

I like your blog. Abbie's adorable.

7:34 AM

Blogger mooiness said...

Hi. I understand where you are coming from about being able to criticise etc., but her thoughts about "hitting a Malay with a pig" and making fun of Arabic women was uncalled for lah.

KL does have deficiencies and they should be pointed out but no need to bring religion or race into it right?

The problem with the online media is that we don't see facial expressions or hear the tone of voice so the words we see are the only things that we can conjure the meaning with. Which is why a careful choice of words would be prudent.

10:48 AM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

Mei you mei you~!!

Ni jin bu le!! Mei you errors!!


4:15 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

mooiness, I totally agree with you..and that's what I'm trying to say..
Many people inteprete what bloggers write based on their own assumptions.
I can bet every penny of mine, though I'm not very rich la, that when she was writing that post, she had no intentions of discriminating any religion nor race.
Isn't that what her blog has always been? Evil jokes? Sometimes we her friends scold her for it too, even though we knew she don't mean them..but there's where her appeal is.

And the problem is that, not all of the people comment like you do. You make sense and people will listen. Those I'm talking about just scold and scold and scold, unpleasantly.

That's the disheartening part...

4:35 PM

Blogger Mine Host said...

mooiness seems to lack a sense of humour?

"aprosodia" = the word for what mooniness is referring to in the final paragraph

4:42 PM

Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

i guess life is this way.

everyone just love to blame blame blame and dont even dare to own up or show their real identity.

aint these people just a bunch of losers?

seriously man.. whats wrong with writing personal thoughts on YOUR OWN blog..?
Its MY own blog right?

JIA U to shuyin n xiaxue..
dont let them bring u guys down.

i love all your blogs..

4:44 PM

Blogger cheneille said...


already told you what i think from my email.

6:20 PM

Blogger GhOsT said...

Juz dropped by.....

Wanna say hi....


8:50 PM

Blogger AUDREY said...

well. people these days are just very sensitive about what people blog about. be it just about something minor. they always make it so big. i mean, she was just talking about her sucky trip to KL and not that KL seriously is bad or something. why cant people just UNDERSTAND?? owells. i hope you dont go on a hiatu too. its gonna get really boring around here.. im sure the bloggers will come back really STRONG!


10:17 PM

Blogger YenWen said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:30 AM

Blogger Aragorn said...

let wendy know i care for her.

2:20 AM

Blogger Aragorn said...

if wendy can't take the stress, i think better to stop writing. no point. i already emailed her that she should prioritize what is truely important in her life.

2:50 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Hi Winston..I don't think Yanyan will give up pursuing what she wants so easily.
It's so not her if that happenes..
Yes she's affected by these stuff, but they are not that significant too. (abit contradicting)
Like they all say, 'xiu xi shi wei le zou geng chang de lu..'

12:56 PM

Blogger lordofstones said...

I've posted a comment on shaolin tiger's blog under the name of summer. He gets all so angry because he thinks xx was racist and discriminating against msia but he does it himself too, now discriminating against spore. I'm very much upset to see the way people are scolding Xia Xue. She really doesn't deserve all these. If i were her i would probably be in depression right now. I wish her well and that all this big hoo-hah will die down soon, then let her come back again with a blast as u say. =)

12:51 AM


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