Monday, August 29, 2005


I prefer this BLUR pic:

to this CLEARER one:

because my kneecap looks weird in the latter..

Heehee, I'm such a bimbo.

The 2 of them are so gonna smack me.


Blogger taMmy said...

oh no... that's "the maid" ar?... fcuking scary la!

2:38 AM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...


12:29 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

scary ah?
*whispers* I think Cheng Yanyan is scarier..

Eh big nene, stop targetting my ankles can?
WO hen ai wo de jiao de hor!

9:34 PM

Blogger chinesetycoon said...

that thing is human being or mannequin? how come so tall one? or is it becos 3 of you short?

2:36 PM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

I am anything but short.

11:41 AM

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