Friday, August 26, 2005

Stop complaining already.

On my way home just now, two teeny boopers were sitting behind me. And guess what they were discussing?




They were going on and on about how unfair the judges were; how stupid it was that Junyang got out, the show is biased..ladida ladida.

They were still yakking away when I alight. You never know man, they might start blaming how the plants were placed (were there plants?), or how the colours of what the judges were wearing clashed with the aura of their idol, or how the voting number did not match his 'sheng cheng ba zi'..Ohoh, maybe the mic was manufactured on an inauspicious date?

The hoohaa about the qualifications of the final two is really getting on my nerves. There is really nothing much to blame, really. Those people who are complaining..blame yourself la. Who ask you never vote more?

Initially, when I was watching the guys' contest, I was damn pissed off by the judges, by the obvious bias towards Junyang. Everyone expected Junyang to win due to Weilian's disability and thought he would. But do they need to be so obvious?
To me, those 2 weren't in their best shape that day. However, Weilian sang Heaven Knows pretty well, hitting all the notes despite his lack of breath. I didn't see why he got lower marks for that round, feeling really sad for him, becauses judges' marks constitutes 30% of the overall results.

Shockingly, Junyang was eliminated!
And Xinhui too, who had higher points than Kelly.

Excuse me ah, blame who?
You lor! Who ask you not to vote more?
Contribute more to the telcos lor.
Orbi la.
Anyway ah, over liao.
So STOP complaining.

I'm so sick of these talent-searching shows. So many of them, each one going on for such a long time to choose one winner.
In the mean time, other newbies are coming out too.
They just keep one sucking and sucking consumers' money again and again, more and more..
Vote, vote, vote and vote.

Basically I watched just so that I can bitch.


Tagboard is removed.
Initially, it was fun reading those stuff about me that I don't even know myself. But it got boring and bland, and my friends are pretty pissed by them for my sake.
Sorry guys, you need to find another playground.

My blog is MY blog. I'll carry on blogging the way I like. So to prevent anyone of you from getting hypertension who finds my blog disgusting, please don't come ever again. Having blood, flesh and some unknow tissues lying around is not a pretty sight. Spare a thought for those who gotta clean up for you.

And in regards to my relationship, if anyone of you are harbouring the thought that by leaving some not-very-nice comments will cause disputes between us, then I suggest you all to save your energy for better stuff.
Idris and I have came a long way to achieve what we have now.
Even before my depression, we went through many things. It's not easy to be a couple of different races and religions. Such mediocre stuff is not even enough to cause an itch in my flat behind.

If you just wanna spoil my reputation, try harder. Maybe sign up for a blogger account and start attacking my comments page?


For now, I shall go trash Kenny's ass in Solitaire Showdown.

Oh, I need to find a cheap but nice little cheongsam to wear for a party.



Blogger Meow said...

`` my bf is malay too,, dont u think that different races/religions relationship is unique?

7:12 AM

Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

aiyah... dun bother abt those crappt people..
they gt no LIFE mah... hahaha..

9:34 AM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

I wish a little little bit I did get together with that Indian-Muslim leh. But what to do. Lao ma zi fan dui. =(

10:15 AM

Blogger Chiat Min said...

haha!! teo shuyin....i always like the way u and yanyan talk lah....wahaha!! Chiat Min here ah!!!

2:03 PM

Blogger ApPle5 said...

Yes, i agree with you...

Anyway, I find interracial relationships interesting... Jiayou!

12:41 AM

Blogger gary said...

It's a shame that people were abusing your site :(

1:59 AM

Blogger BaBy AnGeL said...

my 2 ex-bfs were chinese while i am a malay. i can understand what you are going thru. although things dun work out between me and them, i hope things will work out between u and idris. just ignore the negative comments. good luck gal!

10:23 AM

Blogger abs. abby. abigail. oh,wadever. said...

dis guy i liked is malay too! hahax well, unfortunately it didn't work out. peer pressure oso, same situation as u. heh. dun end up like mi horx, u'll regret one. wad's wrong wif malays??? nothing wad! ignore those ppl can? they should jus go get a life. :)

10:33 PM


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