Saturday, August 27, 2005

Someone has some new stuff!

(Edited (single or double 't') with more pictures)

New hairstyle,

New dress from Yanyan auntie and Ah Yi.

Very pretty!

And a cute red bubble chair!

I think she likes them. =)


Blogger Maowie said...

should let abbie have long hair! i think she'll look sweet with two lil pigtails ((:

2:50 AM

Blogger Daffodils Aplenty said...

She's so cute!
That dress is very very adorable too. Love the color.

7:18 AM

Blogger kimmi said...

did abbie win the contest? the one whereby she had to compete to be the cutest baby or smt.

7:53 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

sighh i wish one of my aunts was so nice to me.

8:20 PM

Blogger JiEq| ^_^ said...

ooo the dress is really pretty. looks really nice on her..

but then again, everything looks good on her cos she's soooooo adorable =)

1:08 PM


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