Friday, August 05, 2005

Random, very random indeed.

Don't feel like blogging.

Stupid June didn't buy anything for me from Taiwan.
Giam Siap Gui!

And I'm fucking hungry. I am always hungry.
I think I got worms in my stomach.

On Yanyan's keyboard, the '@' key is the ' " ' key, and the ' " ' key is the '@' key.
They are so far away from one another.

Bought Pierri Cardin lingerie set today.

A primary school kid showed June my blog and ask her whether I'm chio. What is the world coming to?
Eh boy, got take out your PETS Course Book and REVISE.

I think Hilary Duff looks like a horse with her veneers.

I need more tuition kids.

I wanna go KL now
1 more week.
Oh, our accomodation is FREE.
Thanks to Valentine.
I shall forgive you for saying that I look like Scarlett Johansson (how to spell?) because we both have the stuck-up look.

Zouk is closing for renovations very very soon, and I haven't go yet.

National day is coming.

Kenny Sia's webhost is overloaded. Must be the WALRUS.

Wanyi's nenes are very big. Not that you all don't know.

Yanyan kept hoola-hooping. She better not bring it to KL.

I wanna try the new pizza (PizzaHut) with the cheddar, mozerella and parmasan-the king of cheese. Why must they add that 'king of cheese' part?

I am very hungry.

I didn't listen to Yanyan's dreamdate thingie. Think she'll disown me. Not that we are related or what. But her mum likes me. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

I need a nice chalet for Abbie and her mummy's birthday party. Aloha's Pool Terraces are fully booked.
2 months in advance also cannot.
Someone ask Aloha to give me privilege can?
Mummy gave birth to Abbie on her birthday.
How cool is that?!

Wanyi is very angry at NiaoLie because he owed her her Meteor Garder VCDs for years.
His Zhou Hui's CD is still with me too. Since our Chung Cheng days. Don't tell him.

I am very hungry.

I don't know what colour to put on my nails.
So bored of red. So sick of black.

Rachel Bilson is so pretty...

Someone offered to pay Xiaxue S$0.69 per day, if she could put his face on her blog.

I am hungry.
But I want to sleep soon.
But I'll be waken by the hunger.

Happy Birthday to Kenny Sia!

Weili is very chao da. I will not be able to find him in his hostel room 'cos he'll be so camouflaged in the brown-themed room.

I need sponsorships for my shopping in KL. Anyone?

I love to lao sai. Excluding the stomachache.

This entry is very bo liao.

I am very hungry.

Idris' ex-girlfriend's name is a one alphabet difference from mine.

Happy Anniversary to Lulu and me.

I wanna eat Ga Dor Jian's curry rice with the fatty pork with lots of skin and lots of veggie.

I want money to drop from the sky.

I don't know what Anniversary is it.

I want my keloids to disappear.

I want Warner Brothers to quickly complete the official site of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I can't believe I blogged so much rubbish.

I've decided to eat.


My entry is more random that Wanyi's 'Random Thought's' entry.

I only saw her blog after I blogged. Sometimes our telepathy is just so AMAZING.

I too lazy to link her blog to her name. Please refer to the sidebar.


Blogger Kenny Sia said...

Thank you. Where's my birthday present?

1:21 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Okok, I link you ok?

1:32 AM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

You smelly girl.

Everytime copy what I want to say.

I already used Occlumency.

Mei xiang dao ni hai shi kan chuan wo.

And stop the nene issue ok. I say u black bones then u know.

Or is it worse if I say you look like Furong Jiejie.

10:03 PM

Blogger cheneille said...

finally!! aiyoo so long nvr blogg... anyway ya even more random than Bertie Bott's every flavor beans. ahahahaha!

11:25 PM

Blogger J Schnorng said...

my keyboard, hor, also got the " and @ keys reversed. somemore the # key is where the backslash should be and shift + 3 gives you £. You know why? Because it's british style keyboard, as opposed to US style keyboard. can change in regional settings one, but my stupig UK studying brother always changes it back.

9:28 PM


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