Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Let the pictures do the talking...

Sometimes, I hate to visit my own blog.
But I shall not let stupid people get to me.

To that person who claims to be Idris' 'friend':
You can say all you want. Our relationship will not be affected at all, so I see no point in you doing it. We are only upset that we actually have you around us, as a 'friend'. Someone who can harbour such ill intentions to his/her friend.

Sorry for the lousy english in the previous entry. Wanyi already scolded me for that.
Thanks to those who commented too..It made me feel so much better to know that there are people who can actually relate to the issue. For a while, I thought the sky is going to drop on me.

I love being drama-mama-ish.


Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

My KL Trip

Seriously? I don't really like the place.
I can't stand the dishonest cabbies, who demanded unreasonable fees.
And I can't stand those cheesy, sleazy 'lalakias' at Petaling Street. Maybe I did brought it upon myself for wearing a short skirt. But those people have no respect for girls, I tell you. I overheard these two at the opposite stall openly discussing whether Yanyan or I is more '' (hot).
('lalakias', according to Cheneille means 'ah bengs' or male loserish bad asses with ugly dyed hair and talks like kenny sia.)

Let's just say it's good to be home.
Everytime I go overseas and come home, I feel just so glad to be living here.
To see the clean roads, with neat rows of trees standing by the side, familiar buildings, relatively fresh air...
This time, there's another reason - honest taxi drivers with non-cheating meters.
Who cares about it being more expensive, at least I'm not treated like a big fat radish, 被砍得遍体鳞伤.

However, overall, it's a good trip.
Accomodation, which came with buffet breakfast, was great.
Most importantly, I had great company!
Thanks guys...

Ohoh, guess what?!

I got my virgin pair of espadrilles!

I'm so happy la! I've been 'uearning for a pair since primary school, after seeing one of my teachers wearing it. No kidding man. Throughout the years, I can only compensate my desire with lace-ups.
(Yanyan is a lucky bitch. She've gotten herself 3 new pairs. Her white one, a design that I liked alot, which cutting didn't suit me, too much empty space. Boohoo.)

I'm such a poor thing...

My loot:

Some local foodstuff (What do you call them? I remembered there's a term for it. Blah) for my Uncle and cousins.
Love the peanuts!

The romper was too big for Abbie. I'm such a bad aunt. :(
She kinda like the shape sorter toy, although she only knew how to grab a shape and whack the main mould.
The best buys are the denim bottoms (S$11.30 ea) and of course, the espadrilles (S$16.30)!

Not a lot, I must say.
Didn't find much stuff worth buying. They are either not very nice, or the prices and designs are very much similar to what we have here.

I didn't bring my camera. So for more details, please refer to Yanyan's blog if you don't already know. ( I think linking is redundent too...hehehe)

During my trip, there was one person whom I was missing terribly...

My darling Abbie!

Yanyan said I'm obsessed.


How not to?

I'll show you.

Abigail is a sweet, innocent little gem with droopy, chubby cheeks!

She's also a happy baby who always smiles beautifully...

(She hit my head while playing peek-a-boo with me..she was trying to find me behind to cushion. That explains the red patch on her head. Sorry baby..)

Abigail not only amuses us when she awake, she does it when she's sleeping too.


Apart from all of the above, she's a cheeky darling.

"Who bully my Ah Yi? I'll beat you ah! HMPH!"

I cannot not love her when she leans her head towards my face, when I say, "Kiss kiss Ah Yi.", even if I'm makeup-less, looking like some ah soh with no eyebrows.

Who cares about those people, when Abbie loves me?

My pretty baby niece...


Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

nice trip there..

my god! abbie is so cute..
look at her sleeping with her arms placed above and those little dangling legs........

she is so cute!
i'll miss her if i were u.
so dun wori.. :)

9:26 AM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

I still say Abbie looks like KangKang. And her face in the last few photos literally looks like a rectangle! Mohamo also got stick out of the cot.. just that he's is 1 hand 1 leg.. Abbie's 2 legs are funnier.. Ahahahaha..

10:37 AM

Blogger ApPle5 said...

Omg.....ever since I've read your blog, I've fallen in love with Abbie!! She's soooo cute and really photogenic.

Great buys you've got there. Nice shoes and shades!

12:16 PM

Blogger cheneille said...

wah lau eh i feel damn bad wei when i read wendy and your blog about not enjoying kl. somemore when u were down here i was having exams!!

if you EVER come again i'll come with u laa... then i can bring you to REALLY nice food places.

btw, hehe a bit pai seh i've never heard of the hotel u stayed in leh.. guess i must go out a bit more also. :P

5:04 PM

Blogger ping said...

abigail is such a darling. feel like pinching her chubby cheeks haha

1:49 PM


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