Saturday, August 13, 2005

It has been some time...

Since we last saw Abbie baby..

To date, Abbie is already 10 months old.

From the tiny little baby, she is now a hyper baby doll!

She dashes across the room in her walker, crawls and flips everywhere. She can already sit on her own too. You know like the Tasmanian Devil, she'll run around the tea table in her walker, and sweeps everything on it that she can reach, onto the floor! When you scold her, she laughs.

But... her problem is, she is very lazy!

Instead of sitting, she leans on anyone and anything behind her. Instead of crawling on all fours, she does the leopard crawl, rolls around, flip here and there, etc.

Abbie loves to watch Hi5! She can sit still at wherever she is(Yes, it is only then when she'll sit on her own), and stares at the television screen.

Her first little tooth is growing. Her teething time kinda late.

Here are the pictures! Enjoy!




Can la! Can la! Let you bite!

Happily biting!

Sweetie Baby.

'My hair is so messy' *Bian zui*

Pretty baby wants to comb her curly-twirly hair with her purple comb!

Thus she looks for people to help her!

And excitedly gives the comb!

Happy baby with tidy curly-twirly hair

Last one.

My favorite of the batch.


There are many of you out there who are 'questioning' the existence of this blog.
Seriously, do you think any of you possess the power to ask me to blog, or not to? Please lah, don't make me laugh, can?
This very blog is here for my own reasons and for anyone who enjoys reading it. I write for myself, for my family and my friends. I stopped blogging once, and came back, mainly because of Abbie. This blog will contain entries of her, and writings of mine, her Ah Yi, for her to read in the future., if she wants to, that is.

For those who don't like me or my blog, do not worry, the feeling is mutual.

For those who have left kind words and love/support for Abbie, my cousin, cousin-in-law and me are grateful for everything. Hope you all enjoy all the photos that I've posted, and there will more to come!


Blogger True San Franciscian said...


You've hit the big time lah!

You've got comment spam! See previous two entries...

Personally, I like your blog. It's down to earth, Abbie is a cutie and you've got nice eyes (to go with mask, lah.

Keep blogging for yourself!

9:04 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

i love your blog even though it has a *COUGH* lack of frequent updates *COUGH* so screw those constipated gulias!!

on second thought, i think they'd enjoy it if u screw them, so nvm.

just hand them the screwdriver.

3:29 PM

Blogger littleprincess1994christ said...

Abbie is so cyoooote!!! I love her so much! Maybe you should train her by making crawl and sit properly. I know you'll hate this part: If you see her lazing about and not sitting properly, scold or beat her. She will definitely cry but if you want her to make a habit of sitting properly. If you continue scolding/beating her, she will learn not to lean on things to sit. Bye!

9:00 PM

Blogger fabulana said...

Thank you so much for sharing Abbie's photos. I am sure she will love her AhYi's effort in documenting her growth. Her smile really lit up my day.

1:38 PM

Blogger Jasmin said...

what a cutie! :)

3:56 PM

Blogger Tiq said...

ABBIE! She's so cute! =D

9:47 PM

Blogger Jae Annie said...

Abbie is such a cheerful baby. =)

11:05 PM

Blogger Eleen said...

Abbie is cute . Even ppl dun appreciate, there's still ppl like me & Abbie herself who appreciate it. Keep it up ! =)

12:33 AM

Blogger insane_dee said...

omg ``` ! !

ABBIE IS s0o cute ```! ! ! ! ! !


12:43 AM

Blogger ping said...

i love ur little abby. such a joy to look at her pictures hee

10:30 AM

Blogger jessphan said...

i like your blog leh!! what's not to like about a cute lil girl with curly hair who loves her ah yi. maybe those haters are just jealous and probably impotent so must take it out on you... eh. more photos of abbie okay!!!!!

2:05 PM

Blogger Laydee Martini said...

Abbie is reali cute. OMG. Sea-rye-ous. not joking. lot of people agrre with that too. right?
take care aitez?

2:55 PM

Blogger princessdominique said...

I enjoy your blog, keep blogging. Forget the critics.

2:44 AM

Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

she is so cute!
if she were to be my baby sister or something.. i'll love her to the core!
i hate my dumbass brother aniway...

9:51 AM


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