Thursday, August 18, 2005

Chicken Egg Cake, King Eight Egg.

Sometimes, I think someone up there wants me to go mad, swinging me between extremes of emotions.

I was bloody sad after realising I did really bad things, then I was all contented and happy.

Digress abit:
Thanks for the well wishes. Idris and I are back together, officially. Solie ah, he veli shy. He said he'll write me something yesterday.
Eh hem, I didn't holler at my boyfriend. I accidentally pressed the 'caps lock' button. My fingers are very long you see..I'm actually very gentle one.
So ya. Maybe I secretly paste the letter here for you guys to see, ok? But there's a problem: I don't know how to do it, secretly.

Back to the topic.
A moment ago, I was basking in happiness, the warm sunlight, little blue birds fluttering around, fragance from roses in champagne colour... (Must exaggerate abit to see the contrast.)

If smoke can really come out from the ears, you'll see me belching grey steam like the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 3/4.
Too bad I can't bring myself to sprout vulgarities like Weili.
I can quote him, I guess?

Fong Wei LI aka Botakgorrilla (11th Sept 1984- )

Cannot like that one leh. I cannot go mad.
'Cos if I'm mad, I'll sing out of tune non-stop, I'll wish everybody 'Happy Birthday', I'll set Yanyan's hair on fire, I'll deflate Wanyi's boobs, I'll...

!(&*$^(@&#(!^*%*@# @

A few months back, I ended a friendship with someone.

An email was sent to her, explaining why it had to come to that state.
I was quite affected by the whole process. Pretty ugly, it was.

Put it behind and move on.
Ya, I wish.

Let's call the person, Hamburger.

Yesterday, I heard something from a secondary school friend, RotiPrata. RotiPrata's classmate, MeeGoreng is actually a friend of Hamburger's boyfriend, FrenchFry. Although I was from the same school as MeeGoreng, we don't know each other. Heard of the name, but not acquaintances.

Apparently, FrenchFry forwarded the email to MeeGoreng, and he told MeeGoreng that my side started it first, making Hamburger very sad, making her cry. MeeGoreng told RotiPrata, and RotiPrata told us.

Pardon me for a while, I shall scream.


I'll try to be magnanimous and might understanding here.
Maybe Hamburger really convinced FrenchFry she's really miserable. So being the oh-so-loving boyfriend who felt the injustice being done to the beloved one, he decided to do something for her. So, he forwarded the email to non-related people.

WAH BIANG. Cannot la. I cannot convince myself to that logic.
Nevermind. I shall just be really nice and accept it.


We started it first? Might as well say I'm a man.

Dear Hamburger and FrenchFry,

Let's try to be objective here. The whole issue is over long, long ago. For a friendship to fail, both sides gotta take certain responsibilities, no point pointing fingers. Everyone is not happy about it. But there are civilised people who takes such things graciously, and there are sore losers.

Even though we are not friends anymore, I am indeed disappointed to actually have to classify you to the latter.

Who wouldn't be agitated and pissed when they quarrel? But it should never be an excuse to hurl wrongful accuses to people. People who were once your friends.

When we tried to saviour the situation, did you remember what you said? You said you didn't care.
I was so angry when my efforts were denied.
To tell you the truth, I wanted to blog about it. To let people know about it. Taint your character through the process.
I didn't.
Nian zai wo men ceng jing shi peng you de fen shang, wo mei you.
I also didn't want to do anything that might jeopardise whatever good that might happened later on.
And the party who was directly involved told me not to.

Sometime later, you came back and wanna be friends again. No apology, no nothing about all the damage you have done.
I'm sorry, I can't be a hypocrite to be oh-so-chummy like before.
You can say I'm a petty bitch. I just can't.

It didn't make things better when you actually told a mutual friend, that it all started because the person you quarrelled with didn't study.
He was fucking mugging at my birthday chalet. He scored a cap of 4.5. Didn't study? Haha.
Come on la. We all know it was not true to the core.
Put yourself in that guy's shoes. How would you feel if you are being wrongfully accused by someone who is/was a friend?
Again, we could have blogged about it and spoil your reputation.
Again, we did not.

The friendship ended.

Months later, the email.

Why did you do that? Why did you want to involve others into this, even people that we don't know? Why did you push the blame to others, why can't you just share it? You, yourself admitted to us that you were in wrong too.
Why did you have to tell others another story?

If you are so devastated by the loss, why not do something to save it?
Tired, you say. Okay, then don't do anything. But why do something that will harm the people that you said and think are so important to you?

I don't understand at all.

I hope by the spreading of untrue and malicious rumours, you two actually feel better.
I sincerely hope so.

I wish you well.


(Very sian. I shall go find Abbie, ask her to kiss me and take alot of pictures, before I leave for KL tomorrow morning.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats dear! Well, I'll be expecting Abbie and Idris picture soon.

Enjoy your trip!

3:21 AM

Blogger Jes - Dying Inside.. said...

dont bother about all these craps.
people just wan to vent the anger sometimes.

my motto -->'One Life, Live it..'

10:04 AM

Blogger pAnDaR~ said...

wow, got spam?

anyways, people often want to vent their frustrations and sadness, but nobody likes being the "bad guy", everyone loves being a victim.

after all, victim gets all the sympathies.

cheer up :) angry also no use, nong huai shen ti ba le.

6:14 AM

Blogger Samantha said...

Congratulations on your reunion, I'm really happy for you. x)

These friend-friend arguements I've faced a number of times, and sometimes people are unreasonable without realising it. People can say anything at all just to make themselves sound like they are right.

All the same, don't get too affected, especially if you think it's not worth it.

Take care!

10:49 AM

Blogger starling said...

hello! same thing happened to me a while ago with some ridiculous person. they are all the same, always like to act ke-lian! and you are not and will never be the villian! cheers.

11:43 PM


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