Saturday, August 27, 2005


When in the middle of the night while you are sound asleep, YOU KENA ONE VERY PAINFUL LEG CRAMP..a really really painful one, which felt like your leg was being wrenched like a damp cloth.

Do you

1) cry and whimper while messaging your leg,

2) Or curse and curse while kneading your leg like dough, then realise you are actually scolding your own body and decide to go back to sleep?

My sis is no.1 and I'm no.2.

I find that very weird.



Blogger cheneille said...

i'm no.1 !!! in too much pain to swear and curse leh....

8:20 PM

Blogger shar said...

i like ur sense of humour larh. cracks me up and entertained me for the 20 remainding mintues left at work. woOOhOoooOoo... go go lalapom!

*claps & cheers for you and ur bf* don't care other ppl. they JEALOUS. lalalala...

5:37 PM


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