Thursday, July 21, 2005

Appalling, simply appalling.

You know something is wrong when your phone rings at 4.30 in the morning.

Yanyan was crying when I answered it. There had been a few thoughts running in my mind, speculating what might have happened.

The truth, was way beyond my imagination.

'Shuyin, my blog is gone. All my blog entries are gone. My emails too.. All 3000+ of them. How?'

While asking questions to find out what exactly happened, suddenly I was angry at myself for being so ignorant about these Internet technology stuff.

Yanyan told me to go back to sleep. Stupid girl.

I turned on my lappy and visited her site. When I saw what was there, I was fuming.


By then, I logged on to my blogger page, ready to blog, to scold.

Yanyan asked me not to. Instead, she asked me to leave a comment, to ask the person to return everything to her, take it that she was begging. (The 'blogging princess' don't even have an account for her to comment.)

Thus, I wrote this:

Can you please not do this?
Take it as we are begging you.

I don't believe that Yanyan (Xiaxue) has done anything to deserve this.

You've just denied her 3 years of effort to come this far, scratch by scratch. Not forgetting her precious memories of her life with everyone of us.

Please return her blog to her, together with all other accounts.


Did a search on the NET, attempting to find out more about hackers and all. Apart from that, I can only keep hitting the refresh buttons for the comments page as well as my email browser.

Yes, that was how desperate we were.

With every refresh, I got more and more agitated.

I am so disgusted that I cannot even type out that sound I made every time I see one of those comments.

Look at these:

Pongster 提到...
"Not forgetting her precious memories of her life with everyone of us." sure were integral in her life....can you spell L-O-L too?

Pongster 提到...
whoever did this, i honestly think it's funny HAHA i dont even know who this girl is but judging from the comments posted by her "undying" fans with an average weight of 160kg, they could all use with a healthy dose of prozac induced happiness..

kudos man, kudos

to all these

Wow. He quoted me.
And guess what? He thought I was a fan. Fucking IDIOT.

Yaya..I know some of you will say, 'What makes you think everyone should know who you are? BHB'

That's my point. There are alot of people who don't know alot of things. And there they are, making malicious assumptions and attacks about people whom they barely know.

Ok, somemore:

RaY7 提到...
guess we won't be hearing the 'F' word from her for quite some time.

What goes around turns around!!

(This guy is the best. He's there ever since I first commented in the morning. It's now 2.30pm)

He who mourns for her.. 提到...
Lol.. all hail the hacker that mellowed this extremely disturbing and utterly tasteless PINK blog!

Finally, no more narcissistic musings anymore.. Hopefully she'd take the hint, quit blogging forever and trip and fall into dog poo (although i'm highly skeptical that this would happen.. the quit blogging part.. i'm keeping my fingers crossed nonetheless)

fleshimp 提到...
who's the one who did this to you?!?
i want to give him/her a big hug!
sometimes, some of us need to be forced to eat humble pie. like there's a greater calling out there.
eat that! you snobbish, puke spewing b*tch. =)
here's one big giant smile for your plight: ^*___________________*^
p.s. start believing in karma.

duothrust 提到...
GET A LIFE PEOPLE! This is a wake-up call for her to stop behaving like a spoilt brat! Haha! Hey midget, cheer least u've made our day with this fantastic news!

duothrust 提到...
The hacker shud have made public all her emails. After all, it's interesting to find out what's in the mailbox of a midget. Oops...rubbing salt into the wound huh? someone pass me the pepper pls!

Yanyan said she was very sorry to make me wake up that early for nothing.

To see there are actually such retards lying around on Earth wasting space is worthy enough for the lack of sleep.
Simply because I don't know anyone of them, nor I have friends like that. I am so so glad.

I do not agree with Yanyan all the time, but there are other ways to do things. E.g.Talk nicely.

If anyone thinks that her way of doing things are wrong, tell her nicely, there is no need for verbal abuses or personal attacks

Do not say, 'Oh, we are just giving her a taste of her own medicine.'
That is not an excuse, not even near to qualify for a reason. If one think she's that bad, doing it the same back to her does not make anyone any better.

Rubbing salt into one's wound is already bad enough.

Saying kudos to the hacker? You people are seriously SICK IN THE MIND.

It ain't a crime for nothing.
There are ABSOLUTELY NO REASONS to condone hacking.

I shall not even start on how much effort Yanyan has put into her blog.
Her blog, her writing is her career.
3000 over emails from her friends, readers and business counterparts.


And you wanna give the culprit a hug?

What goes around, comes around. (Not turn around. Please.)

Very true.

All of us friends, are helping Yanyan in one way or another, to get back what she lost, and to find ways to nab the culprit.
Friends who gave her a call, first thing they found out what happened, to offer help; friends who jumped out of bed, logged on the Net once they saw my SMSes, even though one fell asleep before she got connected; friends who asked others for help when Yanyan did not even request any of them.

Oh, did I mention that she got her ENTIRE blog back?
Ohoh, did I mention that it was help offered personally from one of Google Inc's employees?

What goes around, definitely comes around.

Karma, I hear?
If there is really such thing...
I'm cursing those who left those hurtful comments on Yanyan's blog in regards to this issue, to LAO SAI for 3 days 3 nights.
Even if it means getting bad karma for myself. I'll have diarrhoea with these people if that is what it takes for the curse to work.


Blogger Daffodils Aplenty said...

I'm glad she has her blog back.

Those that posted nasty comments have just stooped to an all time low.

3:40 PM

Blogger zYz said...

hi i didn't want to add more comments to xx's blog, which is flaming like siao liao. but u do remind her to FORMAT pc. better safe than sorry, cause it must be some password stealer software. quite bo liao if the fella hack blogger server just to get to hers.

5:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Wendy, poor thing...

11:08 PM

Blogger pAnDaR~ said...

sigh.. i really should pop by more and read your replies to some things i said on your tag board ages ago.


she should cheer up, it's not entirely lost now and many people are willing to help.

catching the perpertrator (sic?) is a different story though. ip's can be differently charged to, and can be "grabbed" by a smart person or persons on the same network and so on. i did suggest to her to grab ip from blogger.

it's still a disgusting act and i'm sorry she has to go through it.

hugs all around :(

11:25 PM

Blogger shaz said...

sigh. i really feel xx's pain. it's so unbelievable. how cud someone on earth do such a thing?! except for some boh liao + brainless ones who never noe wat moral values are.

but i'm glad too that her blog's back. n she'll return stronger than ever. xx, you go girl.

if only i hav d availability to help her rather than typing all these..

11:38 PM

Blogger unknown unknowns said...

I have reason to suspect that pong, pongster, and duothrust are all victims of the hacker, and that the hacker has been using their accounts to post those comments on the blog.

The pong guy is an ex-commando who apparently set up a webby for his coy. And his blog looks strangely like XX's, with the only post dated 20 july (about the same day XX's blog got hacked).

duothrust has 2 blogs in his profile, both of which are down.
A search on google reveals the same nick used in some sg-forums and sex related sites - an observation.
But he's posting too frequently to be just someone who casually hates xx. I think this account was hacked too.

12:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Xiaxue is all out to get that asshole. Yee haaaaa~

2:45 AM

Blogger FRJJ Fan Club said...


5:45 AM

Blogger todaealas said...

Kudos to Wendy for her smart move to bookmark her Gmail in IE... That's real smart of her.

4:39 PM


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