Saturday, July 23, 2005

All is well...

Has everyone changed their passwords to safer ones?
I don't know much but let's share what we know, ya?

Set a password as unrelated to you as possible. Thus, birthdate is a big nono. The first thing that hackers/crackers will try is usually the birthdates.

Alphanumerics are encouraged. An average hacker or a hacking program running 24/7 will take around 2 months to crack a 7 alphanumerical password. So..the more the merrier.

Scan your computer as often as you can. Viruses like trojan, once planted and activated, can be use to monitor activites on the computer. Some can even be used to control your machine.

I'm sure many of you know much more about all these than I do. Share alright? If some of the things that I've stated are somehow inaccurate, please do correct me.

Well, enough of all the geeky stuff. With all those crazy bombings going on, why are there people who strive to do such pointless stuf, I wonder.

After so many unhappy happenings, let's have Abbie cheer us up!

YAY!!! (I'm not the only one who is cheering, right?)

I know it's abit weird to be wearing CNY clothings..but that is what happened when you have a siao mummy with one month's MC who has nothing better to do.
Not forgetting the head band thingy from the siao daddy.
Poor Abbie darling...

Abbie was actually playing in her walker prior to this photo. But she was lifted from it by Gong Gong (My uncle) and was 'held captive' by him, because she was chasing after the maid's broom while she was sweeping the floor.

In a little more than 2 months' time, Baby Abigail will be a year old already. She's growing so fast...

Oh, and thanks for everyone who voted for her. Let's keep our fingers crossed.



Blogger Carllin said...

awww... abbie~! i love her, i voted, and i want her to win~! *hopes she wins* post more pics of her cos she's such a baby darling~!

p.s. i hope xiaxue gets the hacker and puts him where he belongs.

7:02 PM


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