Tuesday, July 19, 2005

1, 2, 3

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a good book.
I shall not say it's my favorite, 'cos my favorite character died.
Not to forget when I read one of those lovey-dovey scenes, I flinched.
(I editted this part 'coz there was a spoiler and mongchacha wanna slap me. So ya..to save my big face from getting any bigger...)


Can you believe it?
Why did Rowling wanna make the whole world sad?
When I finished it on Sunday, I was so down and yet I couldn't find anyone to share my sorrow - Yanyan had not finish it, Gigiwongwanyi had not even collect her book.
After crying buckets through 2 chapters, I moped around the house.
Seeing no point in everything I do or have to do.

SJB (shen jing bing)ah! FICTION CHARACTER LEH!!
How amazing that a made-up person could grow on me like that.
Well done Rowling, WELL DONE.

I shall believe that he's coming back.


A few days back, I sent a message to a girl via Friendster.

She was an ex-girlfriend of a friend.

Well, she took a picture from Yanyan's blog, posted as one of the pictures in her account and I happened to see them.

As most of you will know, Yanyan has a habit of labelling her pics with a watermark.
This particular person posted the photo with the watermark. But after a while, she reposted it with watermark cropped away.

So I wrote something along the lines of 'We have absolutely no qualms about the photo being taken, but it will be appreciated if the watermark remained. Plus a 'hope to hear from you soon'.'

Yanyan thought it was very funny to hear me so being polite.

Anyway, she took down the picture but I've got no reply from her.

My point is, ok la, I know I'm very bo liao to be bothered by this kind of stuff, but if it was anyone of you, will you reply?

Maybe the girl is busy or what, I don't know. I just wanna find out is it me, who 'jia ba bo sai bang' , literally (constipation sucks), or it is only natural for someone to reply.

Even a 'Noted' will do.


I have a friend who is a lesbian.

I have nothing against homosexuality, but a rather appalling thought crossed my mind yesterday while reading her blog.

She calls her partner 'baby boy' and refers to her (erm, him? Very confusing) as her 'boyfriend'. She/He looks rather cute, I must say.

While I was happily looking at their photos, I thought:

'Baby boy' has menses.
'Boyfriend' wears sanitary napkins.
Menstrual blood on sanitary napkin.
Menstrual cramps.

Attached girls always complain to their boyfriends when they have to go through the monthly ordeal. You know, sa jiao.

So, when the 'boyfriends' suffer from these cramps, do they complain or discuss with their girlfriends?
Wouldn't it be quite 'un-macho'?

I don't know leh. Quite clueless about how homosexual couples function.
The my-boyfriend-has-menses is a very 'eeky' thought to me.


Blogger cheneille said...

YA WEI!!! i also believe that person who died will come back in the next book. i believe that this person just pretended to be dead. i got the clue from book 4. last couple of chapters. hehehe i wanna tell u exactly where but scared ur fren slap me also coz means got spoiler... how ah???

5:35 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

email me la!

7:16 PM

Blogger cheneille said...

email liao! faster go check!

eh wei if d "tips" not syok enuff, dont scold me ah!

11:05 PM


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