Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yep, I am now single. But it is no big deal.
I'm not the kind who gets upset and mop around all day long.
Still the same old me.

I'm not blogging 'cos I'm just plain lazy.

Anyway, My sis and I did these the other day after watching the demos on TV.

The colour doesn't look exactly appetising but it's really yummy.
I love brinjal!

Zha zhu pai!

I will try to move my heavy ass to blog as often as I can.
Will be seeing Abbie tomorrow for weekly gathering with my Uncle and cousins.
On Thursday, we are bringing Abbie for some Baby contest at IMM, although I don't know about the details yet. Wish us luck!
More pictures then!

Ohoh..if anyone knows of any baby contests, must tell me ok?!
Thanks alot!

Cheeky Abbie!



Blogger golly said...

Little Abbie is so cute !!!!

thank you for those pictures that enlighten my day !!

Golly ~

10:45 PM

Blogger oschool blog said...

you got that from the entertainment show right? the xiaoS and daS one.

11:53 AM

Blogger True San Franciscian said...

mmmmmm Pork Chops!

Everyone has a little Homer Simpson inside of them...

wanting to get out to have pork chops!!


2:19 PM


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