Thursday, June 23, 2005

Poor Yanyan

Just when we hope that everything will die down, something comes up.

The Malaysian articles are causing Yanyan to have a very, very bad reputation. Not as a blogger, but as a person, as my friend.

As an outsider, I have no idea what goes on between the local print media and the overseas press.

Basically, nothing else could be done for Yanyan in local context, I think. All responsibilities are performed, though not of satisfactory.
Let's hope this is a blessing in disguise and Yanyan will get whatever she deserves.

XIAXUE!! WO MEN YONG YUAN ZHI CHI NI!!!! ahahahahahahahahahha

If anyone has any professional advice to offer, please please tell Yanyan, or me?
Thanks alot!


Blogger cheneille said...

actually what happened?? what did our media say about xiaxue? sigh i just came home from holiday... then got this kinda thing happened... since i'm a future part of the msian media, i should apologize on their behalf for whatever they did. sorryy -_-"

11:10 PM

Blogger pAnDaR~ said...

i'm not sure what you're directing at, since i am not there physically atm, but if they are defaming her thru the photos (the one where they pointed her out as spg instead of xx) they have already done their part with apologies, legally speaking, so it's kinda hard to sue. maybe can request for a bigger post about their mistake?

if it's about what she mentioned with regards to spg's nude pictures, and they either wrongfully quote her, or suggests anything that's not what she meant, then that's a legal misrepresentation for u. shianux should have a better idea at this though.

she seems depressed/upset with some idiots who emailed her though. it's tough being famous, people arent exactly helping either. poor her =/

2:15 AM

Blogger eisen said...

You're right. Yanyan doesn't deserve this.. and the press ought to have published a bigger apology.

Furthermore, she's a very very good blogger... whose writings have probably warmed many hearts and inspired more others (at least they have to me)..

In terms of suing the press or things like that... i suppose all that can be done has been done and all other possibilities in that context will be explored...

But perhaps you guys can organize some sort of party/rally/get-together thingy? some good PR for Wendy Cheng Yan Yan (who, regardless of what reasons she did it for, definitely deserves good karma for being a kind sould and doing good deeds like volunteering time to raise funds to help the old folks from Lions Home for the Elders).

bad idea? i dunno la.. contributing my 2 cents.. but i really do think yanyan doesn't deserve what she gets everytime she posts an entry (idiots telling her how bad she is)..

sorry if i wrote long long... and since i'm here already.. would also like to take this opportunity to say ur blog quite nice to read also.. a very nice insight into a life of a very interesting individual... :) not as quirky and funny as botakgorrillaz.. but a very enjoyable read nonetheless

10:35 PM


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