Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My tagboard is pretty active eh?

Good good good, at least my friends can be entertained while I'm not blogging.

For those who are very nice to speak up for me and my friends, thanks alot. There's no need to be affected by the negative or malicious ones. Everyone is entitled to their own views.
And I seriously don't bother much. ;P

Anyway, how was weekend for you guys?

I watched Initial D and now I'm hooked on the cartoons.

Us, before the movie.

Stayed over at Yanyan's place on Friday.
On Saturday, we joined my cousin at the Metro warehouse sale.
After that was a meet up with Mr Sia followed by KTV till dawn.
With only an hour of sleep, crawled to Sentosa with Danene and Yanyan.

AGOOGA!(Huh? Ah Yi you crawled ah? Must be very ugly)
BAH! (I want to show off my pictures la!)

OKOK! Ah Yi will give you whatever you want.

You want Wang Da Niang's balloon? Or you want the bottle?

Next time Ah Yi go her house to steal for you ok?

Or or you want Zheng Sao's mirror?

But don't want la! She's very smelly.
Ah Yi buy a nicer one hor.
Sayang sayang.

BOO! (Ya ya! That day when she carry me, her armpits were very smelly. But have to take pictures. Then Ah Yi very cute when you play BOO CHAK with me. See I smile? Pretty?)

Poor baby darling. Next time Ah Yi protect you. You are the prettiest.

AH! (Then I fall sick.)

GR GR. (I'm so pityful.)

OOWWWWW. Ah Yi loves you ok?
I'll put up all your pretty pictures. Then we ask all the gorgors, jiejies, uncles and aunties to flick PI SAI at Zheng Sao ok?

BOOOOOOOO! (Ok! I'm tired. Ah Yi help me beat Yanyan auntie ok?)
*kisses Ah

Anything my darling En En says. *smitten*


Blogger Jessica said...

Oh, I simply love the way your friends are called, Wan Yi -> the Wang Dao Niang and Xiaxue -> the Zheng Sao. Goodness!

Abbie is growing so fast. I read your blog sometime back, previously known as the lalalabom.blogspot.com, Abbie was just like a few days old.

She's one real cheeky and cute baby!


4:09 PM

Blogger Kenny Sia said...

It was great meeting you, Shuyin. :) I sound like a frog next to you, you singing queen.

2:21 PM

Blogger Neo said...

Somehow, the title of your post "PIGUDALIYAOYAOYAO" reminds me of the 旺旺泡泡果冻 advertisement - 开罐前大力摇摇摇! haha!

I had been following your blog for a few weeks or so and I enjoyed reading it. :)

1:14 AM

Blogger angelaa (: said...

ive just had a really horrid week and when i drop by ur blog and see abbie's pics, sighs. i feel so refreshed now. :)

3:51 PM

Blogger Million Dollar Smile said...

And that is absolutely one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen :o) Post more pictures of her!

1:41 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

Update leh... Hehe, I saw your friend Yanyan and you at Orchard Station the other day. Update eh?

5:16 PM

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