Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm very sorry things turned out this way.
I didn't mean the mean things that I've said.
In fact, they are all the exact opposite of what you really are.
You are more than what you think you are. Just have more faith in yourself.
I know you will put all the blame to yourself. Please don't.
Thank you for all the things you have done.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Take good care of yourself.
All the best.



Blogger quarchest said...

Did you break up with your boyfriend?

9:44 AM

Blogger quarchest said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:44 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

If you are the person who commented on Weili's tagboard, sorry I won't answer your question.
Oh wait, I'm not even sorry at all. Because I don't like you.
Unless you come clean with your identity, stop poking your nose into our businesses. I don't want some random, kpo person to come, post some irresponsible comments and create trouble for others. Pui.

11:58 AM

Blogger quarchest said...

I am sorry then. Quite frankly, we had thought that it wasn't too nice of Weili to make fun of Meiyan in his blog. We really like your blog. We won't leave anymore comments if that is what you wish.

1:40 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Who are you to judge?
Who are 'we' anyway?
Weili makes fun of alot of people, including himself.
Unless you know him or us personally and very well, I don't think you are fit to judge us. Especially when you are not even willing to come clean about your identity.
I welcome anyone to my blog. But not when the person starts making judgement of us or our actions when he/she don't even know us. It's not like Weili killed anyone.

2:08 PM

Blogger yan said...

to quarchest>> Me and weili have made it up, i dun blame him for making fun of me, so do not start to make trouble! that's about it. stop it and that's about it.

5:21 PM

Blogger Xiaxue said...


You motherfucking chicken shit anonymous meddling coward. Having fun stirring up shit aren't you? No friends yourself? Want to make other people as miserable as you?

Cut the act: Your intentions were clear from the start - and they weren't good, dipshit. "We"? Who's the "we"? It was just YOU all along. Shizophrenic? How's your friend Gollum? Now fuck off, because nobody needs your molly-coodling nor defence. If Meiyan has any opinions, she can speak for herself.

And what is it with u what happens to Shuyin or Weili? Is their lives so much more interesting than yours, such that you are, erm, living your life through theirs? Gentle piece of advice, pussy: Get a life of your own and stop meddling in other people's.

If you make my friends upset again, I'd curse your little willy off your shivelled loins.

Chicken shit. I'm ashamed of you.

5:23 AM


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