Saturday, June 04, 2005

I can't think of a caption. Anyone?

Ohoh! How about,


Good right?!

Your turn.


Blogger cheneille said...

ahahaha aiyoo ah girl , u still thinkin about that?? dun give 2 shits about dat ding dong laa...

10:41 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

I'm not so ji chou one..
Just being sarcastic =P

*squatting at one corner of the room sharpening cleaver*

12:17 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

Ah..I think Ii better explain the photo.
We were at Harry's Bar, then there was this couple sitting at those cushion seats facing everyone.
He was staring blankly ahead while the girl was facing the other direction with her eyes closed.
machiam both very 'seh'
Thus Louisa and I decided to imitate them.

The tube was a coincidence.

12:24 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

hahahhaah my goodness.... so free leh u... d closest daring thing i ever did was just taking a pic of an Akua without her/him/it noticing. :P so bad leh...

3:42 PM

Blogger MightyBV said...

Ni hao, mofos ... I was at Harry's Bar that night, OK. I've been in almost every bar in North Korea. The dog is always fresh, and the puppet shows are fantastic, which brings me directly to my point: Louisa has four fingers in Shuyin's ass. It also appears that Louisa's nails are too long and/or you girls should have used more soy sauce. Amateurs. And the reason Louisa looks so sad is because she can't figure out how to remove her fingers from the festering stinkhole toward which Shuyin's recently eaten cabbage steadily makes it way. So, the caption should be "Keep your hands to yourself."

2:58 AM


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