Tuesday, June 28, 2005


My tagboard is pretty active eh?

Good good good, at least my friends can be entertained while I'm not blogging.

For those who are very nice to speak up for me and my friends, thanks alot. There's no need to be affected by the negative or malicious ones. Everyone is entitled to their own views.
And I seriously don't bother much. ;P

Anyway, how was weekend for you guys?

I watched Initial D and now I'm hooked on the cartoons.

Us, before the movie.

Stayed over at Yanyan's place on Friday.
On Saturday, we joined my cousin at the Metro warehouse sale.
After that was a meet up with Mr Sia followed by KTV till dawn.
With only an hour of sleep, crawled to Sentosa with Danene and Yanyan.

AGOOGA!(Huh? Ah Yi you crawled ah? Must be very ugly)
BAH! (I want to show off my pictures la!)

OKOK! Ah Yi will give you whatever you want.

You want Wang Da Niang's balloon? Or you want the bottle?

Next time Ah Yi go her house to steal for you ok?

Or or you want Zheng Sao's mirror?

But don't want la! She's very smelly.
Ah Yi buy a nicer one hor.
Sayang sayang.

BOO! (Ya ya! That day when she carry me, her armpits were very smelly. But have to take pictures. Then Ah Yi very cute when you play BOO CHAK with me. See I smile? Pretty?)

Poor baby darling. Next time Ah Yi protect you. You are the prettiest.

AH! (Then I fall sick.)

GR GR. (I'm so pityful.)

OOWWWWW. Ah Yi loves you ok?
I'll put up all your pretty pictures. Then we ask all the gorgors, jiejies, uncles and aunties to flick PI SAI at Zheng Sao ok?

BOOOOOOOO! (Ok! I'm tired. Ah Yi help me beat Yanyan auntie ok?)
*kisses Ah

Anything my darling En En says. *smitten*

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Poor Yanyan

Just when we hope that everything will die down, something comes up.

The Malaysian articles are causing Yanyan to have a very, very bad reputation. Not as a blogger, but as a person, as my friend.

As an outsider, I have no idea what goes on between the local print media and the overseas press.

Basically, nothing else could be done for Yanyan in local context, I think. All responsibilities are performed, though not of satisfactory.
Let's hope this is a blessing in disguise and Yanyan will get whatever she deserves.

XIAXUE!! WO MEN YONG YUAN ZHI CHI NI!!!! ahahahahahahahahahha

If anyone has any professional advice to offer, please please tell Yanyan, or me?
Thanks alot!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

When Yanyan and I disagree with each other...

We ask people to vote.

Please vote for Yanyan ok? She's HIDEIOUS!

I admit that I looked siao. LOOK AT THE EYES!! (I'm) As if I'm high on drugs.

But but..Yanyan looked UGLIER! She looked like one of the 'sisters' in 'The White Chick'.




Speaking of Yanyan, remember the SPG issue?

My smelly friend was annoyed 'cos she didn't understand why did the 19-year-old actually put up nude photos of herself. Yanyan felt that she, still a student shouldn't do so: she's not even in University, not working. What if her future boss(es) or teachers see them? What will they think?

Many commented that Yanyan had no grounds to be angry because like SPG, Yanyan uses sex as an appeal too.
Utter bullshit.
When Yanyan talks about sexually inclined topics, she decorates them with humour, even if you think they are not funny at all.
When SPG talks about sex, she writes in a more serious, more matter-of-fact manner.
Yanyan talks abouts orgasms, dildos, vibrators; SPG talks about sex life, describing them rather vividly.
Neither is wrong. But you can't compare them. It's different.

My point of view? I agree with Yanyan.
However, I was more in a neutral position due to:
1. The nude pictures were posted on her blog.
People who follow her blog are obviously the more open-minded ones. And since they are on the Net, it is generally nothing compared to porn, which are easily available too.
2. AND, she kept her identity unknown. At least she makes an effort to blur her face and in the 1st newpaper article, no photos of her at all.

One week later, SPG's face appeared in the newpaper.
I was so agitated when I saw her face, that Yanyan thought I was mad.
On her photo, it was written, 'My life, my values'.
In her blog, yes.
When you face appear BIG BIG in national papers, IT IS NO LONGER SO.

Now, not only open-minded people know about SPG. Almost the whole country know SPG, and her face.
What was she thinking?
Her family members including her are Christians.
Christianity don't allow pre-marital sex.
Yes, not every Christian abides that rule. But no one will announce it to the whole world, would they?
Let's not bother about what people think of her.
What will their fellow Christians think of her parents?
What will her parents feel? How about her 2 younger siblings?

And then horrors of horrors, the Wb error. (rhymes leh!)
Early the next morning after the article came out, Abbie's mummy called me.
Wah seh.
I explained to her that the papers had already agreed to publish an apology.

In the afternoon, I wander into my parents room to get my daily dosage of news.
And then horrors of horrors of horrors, I saw a copy of Wanbao lying on the table.
'WHY GOT Wb?!' (We usually reads XM)
'Aiya, Sunday's XM not nice, now we buy Wanbao on Sundays.'
I hope my parents are the only ones who do such a thing.
If there are really people who only buy Wb on Sundays, then they wouldn't have seen the apology on Monday!

Right after I read the article featuring the wrong picture, I went around shrieking in the house, announcing the mistake.
Only people who've heard my voice will know how irritating it is. HA!
Then my mummy said,'Oh ya lor! I saw Yanyan's picture and I was wondering they put wrongly is it?'
WONDERING NIA! Which means she believed it to a certain extent. She didn't clarify with me after reading it!
But well, who can blame my mum? People usually believes whatever the papers wrote.

Because Yanyan is my friend, my parents bought Wb the next day.
Guess what?
'Aiyoehah! The apology so small! GUI KAN AH? (ghost see)' Mummy exclaimed.
Same responses from my friends and forever KPO cousin.

Poor Yanyan.
Eh, Wb! Got stingier anot?

People make mistakes. Yes. But this is not like any other news when one celebrity hold hand with another celebrity leh.
We are talking about an issue of controversy.
We are talking about a girl who published her nude photos on the Internet.
We are talking about another girl whose picture got published when she is not even the person in question.
We are talking about the other girl who might be mistaken by the public that she took nude pictures of herself and published them.
We are talking about all these happening in Singapore, as Asian country where people are still pretty conservative.
And all we got is a tiny winy apology.

Luckily quite a number of people recognises Yanyan's face to notice the mistake. (Or is it unlucky?)
But considering the target audience of Wb...Good luck ah, my friend.

Zhen de shi suay ga lao sai.

What do you guys think?
Constructive views are welcomed.


Yep, I am now single. But it is no big deal.
I'm not the kind who gets upset and mop around all day long.
Still the same old me.

I'm not blogging 'cos I'm just plain lazy.

Anyway, My sis and I did these the other day after watching the demos on TV.

The colour doesn't look exactly appetising but it's really yummy.
I love brinjal!

Zha zhu pai!

I will try to move my heavy ass to blog as often as I can.
Will be seeing Abbie tomorrow for weekly gathering with my Uncle and cousins.
On Thursday, we are bringing Abbie for some Baby contest at IMM, although I don't know about the details yet. Wish us luck!
More pictures then!

Ohoh..if anyone knows of any baby contests, must tell me ok?!
Thanks alot!

Cheeky Abbie!


Friday, June 10, 2005

When I'm down...

I look at these:


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm very sorry things turned out this way.
I didn't mean the mean things that I've said.
In fact, they are all the exact opposite of what you really are.
You are more than what you think you are. Just have more faith in yourself.
I know you will put all the blame to yourself. Please don't.
Thank you for all the things you have done.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Take good care of yourself.
All the best.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

I can't think of a caption. Anyone?

Ohoh! How about,


Good right?!

Your turn.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Miss me?

I'm back!

I just came back from Bintan. Spent 3 days 2 nights there with Yanyan. She is still there with her friend, sleeping in the crammy tent while I'm going to lie comfortably on my bed. WOOHOO!!

Seems that alot of stuff happened these few days, shell address them one be one later.

For now, let me introduce to a friend I made during Yanyan's birthday chalet.
She will take over after the introduction.

Presenting to you...

Miss 音音


Hello ebweebardy, muai nam ish Yinyin. I am beri pwetty.

I want to blog leh. Then I can be famous like Xiasuay and have enborsements. Since I so beautipul.

Today, I shall blog about this beri pwetty girl plen of mine.

She's attractive, slender, tall and has beri beri nice compwexion.

She was my poly classmate, and now she is in Perth, Australia studying for her degree. Very poor thing leh her, rushing for assignments now.

Seriously hor, I miss her alot alot leh. I miss her bimboism and our KTV sessions.


But for now, I just wanna say




Solie la. I beri poor. If not, I'll go Perth to surplise you.

To make up for it, let me show you another of muai pwetty pwetty face! Don't miss me ah!


(音音's pictures are products of our beloved June.)