Thursday, May 12, 2005

Unconditioned love..

Went to visit Abbie today.

She was taking her nap, lying on her side, hugging her little bolster.
I was looking at her peaceful little face and it was then when I fully understand what it means when we say, 'sleep like a baby'.
So innocent, so in peace, so tranquilising.
I kissed her chubby cheek and slept beside her.

Then, I heard her woke up. I opened my eyes and she was already in the crawling position staring at me.
I said, 'Good morning, darling.'
And she smiled at me.

Exactly 7 months ago, Abigail was only a 3kg infant wrapped in a whitle cloth.

Now, she can flip, giggle, consume porridge, ask for her orange juice to be fed faster, 'swim', and she is teething soon.

So many times when I look at her, I was like: Hey, I will do anything, ANYTHING I can for this little angel to be happy, for her to smile, for the people who love her to smile with her.

And I realised how blessed I am.

I mean, you got to really, really love the person to be willing to do anything for him or her, no?

And I know that there are people around me who will do just that for me.

I'm not saying I want anyone to die for me or what. But there are all these people around me who I know I can always turn to, who will always be there for me.

Take my Uncle's (Abbie's grandfather) family for example. I am not even their daughter/sister, but they are always there to support me. Not only moral support. Very often, monetary support too. I don't think I deserve these. I did nothing but to only grow up in their family.

They are not even expecting anything in return. Just pure giving.

As Chinese, we are not vocal with our care and concern for each other but it is often, the small little actions and thoughts that count, which makes them even more heartwarming.

My love for little Abbie is not to 'repay' them for their kindness. It is more of a 'result' of all of what I have received from them and I am just carrying it on.

We are often joking how Abbie is to avenge how her mummy (my cousin) had suffered because of me when I was a baby, and now Abbie is to bully me. It's so weird of how willing I am to be bullied.

I really don't mind. Just as long as I can always see all of your happy faces and Abbie's beautiful smile.

Our angel with her aunt (my cousin-in-law)

My cousin reads my blog, sorry la I know it's very mushy. =P


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