Sunday, May 15, 2005


Haha, thanks everyone for the encouragement.
Usually I'm back to normal once I rant it off, so yah.

How did everyone spend their weekend?

Good or not?

Here's how I spent mine.

I satisfied my urge for the chick flick marathon all thanks to Miss Cheng.

Met Weili at Serangoon Garden and went to rent Envy by Ben Stiller and that guy from School of Rock. Not really chick flick la. Coz of Weili lor, he wants to act macho.

Had chicken briyani, Indian rojak and halia susu.

Went back to Weili's place and wait for Yanyan to arrive.

I ate instant mash potato and ice cream.

Lili was sorta traumatised.

The movie was pretty funny. Vapoorize

Then we went online to gossip.
There goes the 'marathon'.

Went swimming the next morning.
I managed to swim for 40 minutes non-stop.
As a result, I ate alot for lunch. Hehe.

Afterwards, Yanyan and I went to Zouk's Flea Market. Eh, keyi, why didn't you approach us? When I got your sms, I was already on my way to Orchard. But then again, THE PLACE WAS SO PACKED.

We saw this stall where there was a baby lying in a luggage full of clothes. I so wanna go scold the tenant. The whole place smell of smoke and he actually brought the baby in there. Urgh.

Anyway, I bought a pair of wedges...

for 10 bucks. Good buy, Must buy!

I told Yanyan my outfit looked like durian.


The halter neck top belongs to her. I actually forgot to bring clothes to change. Can you believe it?

Met Idris after that. Someone is so happy. He found his 11B and gotten his PSP.

Yanyan found her camera.

Where is my lost item?!?!?!??!?!?!

Never mind. I've got new shoes.

(This entry sounds bimbotic, eh? I feel like doing the Day of my life thingy. But I'm scared of the da ne nes..)


Blogger cheneille said...

to complete the durian look, try to spike up ur hair. hehe.

12:23 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

YA HOR!! I should do the flip thing like the Levi's print ads! but I'm wearing a skirt.

1:26 AM

Blogger Brad said...

You look good in the wedges. But then again you always look good.

8:54 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

haha..tell that to my boyfriend. He refused to put my pictures in his PSP, and his reason being that I'm not photogenic.

I wouldn't put ugly pictures of myself, will I?
Think I did.

1:53 AM

Blogger samanthalin said...

hi gal...
you look real good in the wedges and thw short mini! you have got a nice pair of legs! *grins with envy*.. can i know where the zouk flea market is? inside zouk? when is it held every month? can enlighten me?? thanks! have a nice day!

10:31 AM


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