Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Shall reply to the tags here..

cheneille: Thanks. *whisper* I'm actually a meanie at heart. The onion was my idea.

genz: Haha. It's weird to have someone who seems to like my hair more than I do. =P

ro: Yeah. My hair is so fine and it always look limp. So yar..eeks is correct.
Oh, and can you kindly point out to me how does it seem like I'm copying er..Yanyan? Since you call her Wendy, you should know her pretty well to a certain extend I presume?

kooshie*: Determine 'very very short'? =) I think being proportionate is more important ba.. Height is a very sensitive issue you know. *coughs*

christina: Thank you, too. Wait till you find out the real story behind the pom pom tiao...You can email me if you want.

I wanted to blog right after these replies but I think I want the coming entry to be on it's own instead...


Blogger N@m!e said...

What is the story behind the pom tiao tiao?

10:17 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

haha now i know why she cried laaa... d onion!! LOL

11:28 PM


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