Friday, May 13, 2005

Do I look like a post(wo)man?

I don't think so.

So, stop asking me to pass messages to Yanyan, stop asking me to ask her to do this or that.

Not even if you are polite or nice.

I have received so many emails asking me for favours related to Yanyan.

One idiot even asked me to lecture Yanyan, to not to bitch too much.
Ni bu hui qu si.

Asking me for favours? I'm fine with it.
But don't you come talk to me with the purpose of getting me to ask my friend to do this or not to do that.


And you know what's even more irritating?

"I've sent an email to Xiaxue too, but she didn't reply. So I thought you might be able to help me convey my message or to get her to read my mail?"
Every single email asking me for favours have got these lines.

Very smart, you people. How did you know if I asked her to read her mail, she definitely will? So clever..

Let me tell you this: Miss Cheng checks her mail everyday, more often than I do. If she wants to reply, she will. If not, well, she's not obligated to.

Thus, no, I won't help anyone convey any message. At most I'll just say, 'Your reader emailed me.', which is pretty pointless because she probably have read it already and sent it to trash. That is, if you don't get her reply.

When I am reluctant to pass any message, do you think I'll actually listen to you to ask my friend to act upon your wishes?
You are just some stranger whom I don't even know how you look like and you want me to listen to you? What makes you think I'll agree with your point of view in the first place?
Are you deluded or are you deluded?

I'll give an example:
Someone asked me if she can get Yanyan or me to sell the champagne glasses used on her birthday. The person said it was urgent. But I don't understand how she thinks through me she'll get what she wants?
For all you may know, maybe Yanyan will sell those glasses. But then I get to know about the matter. I say, 'Don't sell la! Used on your 21st birthday leh. At most I help you glue them into the pyramid shape like that day with my glue gun as your housewarming gift?'
Tada! No glasses for sale oredi.

Some might also say, 'Even if I am giving your friend something good?'
Yes, I won't listen to you either.
Like I said, I'll just say, 'Check your mailbox.'

We are all people with minds of our own. That girl with the G-string tan is perfectly capable of deciding for herself what to or not to do. She has a Mensa cert. I don't.
If she asks me for advice, I give my point of view. She still has the final say.

As a friend, I think my words do worth a little. But I give my opinions on my own freewill. Not because someone asked me to.

It is not nice of a feeling to feel being made use of.
It is also almost despicable to make use of others' relationships.

And those bastards whom I corresponded with, who I intially thought were genuinely interested to discuss on certain topics, which in the end ASKED ME TO ASK WENDY/XIAXUE TO POST THEIR EMAILS UP..

I won't even bother to argue.


Blogger angeling said...

can believe people get so desperate.. or are they that dumb to think maybe ONLY their email didnt get thru and thru u yanyan's will then start working? blah!

2:56 AM

Blogger xun said...

dont mind those ppl..i think ur blog's brillant =)

9:18 PM

Blogger pAnDaR~ said...

send them back an email with a picture of a person being shot...

maybe they had get the idea :D

10:12 AM

Blogger cheneille said...

*puts on little girl voice*

my mommy always tells me there are bad bad people in the world... now i know it's true.


i don't know why u bother in the first place to react to them la.. u know cantonese? *sai hei, sai ke si*

11:31 PM

Blogger rk said...

nice legs!!!

10:45 PM


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