Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Edit: Wanyi pointed out many many mistakes. SO GROSS CAN. Must be Miss Cheng's virus. That day while I was over at her place. She wanted to tell her friend over MSN that I was sitting next to her. She typed 'Shuyin is shitting next to me.'. Another time, she typed 'firned'. I asked her what was that, and that bitch could still reply indignantly that it was 'friend la'. BAH!! Push all the blame to her. PPPUUSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHH.

I have nothing worthy to blog about, I think.
Just some random stuff.

Do some of you experience this:
Out of a sudden, you keep seeing a certain word 'loitering' around.
Nowadays I keep seeing 'infantile' appearing everywhere. Some time ago it was 'albeit', before that was 'per se'..

I keep having funny cravings and urges.

I have an urge to have a chick flicks marathon.
Suddenly I feel like drinking wine.
I feel like having champagne.
I wanna open my eyes wide and let the industrial fan blow straight into my face.
I think the back of my neck feels hot, thus I am considering to chop off my hair.
I wanna play Pachabel's Canon in D now at 3.30am.
I wanna have toe cramps, to see my fourth toe overlap my third and feel the pain.
I feel like doing sit-ups and crunches till my tummy hurts.

Oh my..I shall go prance around the house.



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