Sunday, May 22, 2005


Went shopping with Yanyan today. Then we thought of Abbie!
So we went all the way to Sembawang to find her.
What a fruitful trip.
She's so cute can!

I wanted to make a collage-like thingie. But I figured this is better, because if you scroll fast enough, you can really see her move.
No captions. Use your imagination. More fun. Don't wanna spoil the photos too.

Okok..Maybe a few.
I was feeding her bread. She's playing with it.
She wants to eat everything..So adorable.

This is our favorite!!

The niece and aunt bond.

See her little hand on my thigh?! *contented*


I think this is very nice. Looks like they are sharing some secret. =)

Abbie always makes my day.


Blogger cheneille said...

aiyooooo........ so cute laaaa ur abbie!!! sigh....... when is my sister going to give birth??? i want my very own abbie too!!!!

2:17 AM


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