Monday, April 04, 2005

Busy Busy

Been having problems with my internet connection. BAH

Had a busy weekend. No. Had many busy weekends. EVERYONE IS HAVING THEIR 21ST BIRTHDAYS!!


Nah, not a fan of Ou Xuan (where are you? I'm waiting...)

I'll blog about our beloved birthday boy, Ah Niao/MiMi, and pictures of the little something Wanyi and I got him later.

Had a long post too..but oh well..lazy.

Meanwhile, ENJOY THESE:

'HOI!! Touch my toes!'

'YEAH!!! I love my aunt!! I love to flood her with my saliva like I love to wet my clothes!!' (Aunt Shuyin sobbing and smiling at the same time in the corner of the room)

'Want a strawberry? Together with my saliva.'

'Nah!! Give you la! Mai gong bo.'

'Don't want? Not nice ah? okok I lick it first.'

CUTE HOR!!! My lovely first cousin once removed, Abigail.
I thought she's my niece, but apparent niece is my sister's child. Don't ask me to explain the term. I'm as clueless as it sounds.

Designated speech. Think my cousin's gonna kill me. But who cares?

Shall go play mahjong now. Wish me luck!



Blogger Jiameei said...

She's so cute!!!
I love it when babies slober and drool and look up at you with those big shiny eyes and give you that huge wet smile and then gurgle something that makes no sense.

9:18 PM

Blogger ah_mah said...

eh.. how come double post one? both blog the same mah...

12:37 AM

Blogger princessdominique said...

Sooooo cute! Ayyyyye!

8:31 AM


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