Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Slept over at Yanyan's place and now I'm ultimately BORED.

Now I'm waiting for the smelly girl to bathe so that I can go meet Idris at West Mall.

She just put up her wishlist for her birthday.
So inconsiderate of her! Weili and I are checking into her chalet with her this Thursday so that only leave us tomorrow to get her present. TOMORROW LEH!! bu yao mai gei ni liao.

On a different note..can her rich readers out there please please buy her the air-conditioner? Her room is really very, very hot. If there's an air-con, I'll come over more often and I'll take pictures of her, ok?
Pictures of her digging her nose, wrapped in a towel, etc.

AH!! I'm so boooorrrreeeddd!!! Yanyan is in bra and underwear now, together with bad sunburn and peeling skin. YUCKS.
I'm peeling too. Oh well.


Blogger Xiaxue said...

I am not smelly!

4:31 AM


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