Monday, March 28, 2005


Very amazing..

I mean, don't you people read? *stares at ah mah*

Did I say I want the address back? No.

Yanyan and Wanyi asked for it to be returned. Yanyan used 'pretty please'. What's wrong with it?
I have good friends, friends who are willing to speak up for me to get back what they think should be mine; friends who are willing to stand up for me when I got scolded.

Some of you said I don't have the right to take it back. I know I don't, and I didn't request for it either. I had only asked for an explanation that I do think I deserved.

Why can't I be angry? Something was taken from me without me knowing, can't I be pissed. It isn't a good feeling to have something taken from you and only to discover it through others, no?

It is only a blog addy.
Trust me. It is not. I used it everywhere. Emails, usernames, IDs, etc. Someone helped me came up with it and it even was a private joke that I shared with someone really closed who is no longer around. It IS NOT only a blog address. I do think I have the right to be annoyed.

You think you are somebody just because you are Xiaxue's friend?
No, I don't think so. Xiaxue is popular, she is famous. It is a fact.
I don't get like 2000+ hits on my very first entry out of nothing, do I? It's all because she linked me.
Because of her blog being so popular, I do have certain grounds to speculate that the person DID get the idea of using 'lalalabom' from yanyan's blog.
Excuse me if I'm wrong. I did say I'll apologize if I had made the wrong assumption.
Oh, and guess what? I was right after all.

Like it or not. This whole issue has ended. Grace gave me the explanation that I wanted and I'm satisfied with it. That was all I wanted in the first place.

Thanks to you guys who've helped ask for the address back. I appreciated it but it's not neccessary.

For those who are speaking up for Grace, I'm don't think it is right for me to judge whether you are right or wrong, but please do get the fact that I didn't ask for the address back. I do welcome criticism. But when they came from invalid grounds, it is pretty hard to swallow.

Grace, thanks for your prompt reply.
Really regretted that I found your friendster too late.


Blogger Bubblemunche said...

See lah! Morale of the story: don't stop blogging! Muahahah....

Welcome back to blogosphere :)

1:43 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

yes papa..I've learnt my lesson.

bei ma dao hen can leh.

ni zhong yu chu xian

2:12 AM

Blogger Kenny Sia said...

Heh. Glad its all resolved. I'm still laughing at that funny name of a blog. How the heck did you come up with lalalaBOM!? HAHAAA

See, even if you can't get back its no biggie.

You can always register a






dot blogspot dot com

One more 'la' only mah!

9:57 AM

Blogger lalalabom said...

very lame. thank you very much.
it was lalalabom 'coz i used to keep lalalallalalalalalala-ing at people and BOM!
it was a joke that i shared with my late aunt. she can't stand me doing that. :P so ya..

4:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to know that this has been resolved and you are a strong girl! Kepp it up!

5:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

[bad fingers! *slap* always type wrongly]

5:10 PM

Blogger lalalabom said...

haha! Thanks.

This may sound maddening to some, but I'm not very affected. I was la, but after I got my reply, it was okay..I'M STRONG!! *flex muscles*

Typos are ok in my blog. I always commit them anyway. As long as I know what it means.

A question for cemel a typo too? Whatt does it mean?

5:42 PM

Blogger Yours Potatoly said...

You don't bluff.


Don't mislead your readers.

6:27 PM

Blogger Bubblemunche said...

Dan ran yao chu xian! I'm a loyal fan of your blog since eons ago leh :D!

And er, you really came back in a big BOM sort of way ah :D!

8:32 PM


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