Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Eh..How ah?

I've received alot of comments saying I'm childish.


I mean I have a kiddish face, kiddish voice. NOW I HAVE A CHILDISH ATTITUDE!!!

I think they all come in a package. Buy 2 get 1 free.

Wait, I have a boyfriend who has a childish face too. Buy 1 get 3 free. This kind of bargain...cannot find man.

Oh my, I might as well go and die.

I feel so bad that I am so childish that I went to:

1) Bang into the wall

2) KIAP (wedge) myself between doors

3) Crash down the stairs

and then I became like this...


And I have even flatter breasts.

OH I AM SO CHILDISH!! *squeals*

*Thanks Ruhua for that picture and please don't insult her. I think she's very adorable leh.

**There's someone who kept impersonating me in the tagboard. Thus I'm not replying anymore. If it gets worse, I'll just delete it altogether. Have fun!

Monday, March 28, 2005


Very amazing..

I mean, don't you people read? *stares at ah mah*

Did I say I want the address back? No.

Yanyan and Wanyi asked for it to be returned. Yanyan used 'pretty please'. What's wrong with it?
I have good friends, friends who are willing to speak up for me to get back what they think should be mine; friends who are willing to stand up for me when I got scolded.

Some of you said I don't have the right to take it back. I know I don't, and I didn't request for it either. I had only asked for an explanation that I do think I deserved.

Why can't I be angry? Something was taken from me without me knowing, can't I be pissed. It isn't a good feeling to have something taken from you and only to discover it through others, no?

It is only a blog addy.
Trust me. It is not. I used it everywhere. Emails, usernames, IDs, etc. Someone helped me came up with it and it even was a private joke that I shared with someone really closed who is no longer around. It IS NOT only a blog address. I do think I have the right to be annoyed.

You think you are somebody just because you are Xiaxue's friend?
No, I don't think so. Xiaxue is popular, she is famous. It is a fact.
I don't get like 2000+ hits on my very first entry out of nothing, do I? It's all because she linked me.
Because of her blog being so popular, I do have certain grounds to speculate that the person DID get the idea of using 'lalalabom' from yanyan's blog.
Excuse me if I'm wrong. I did say I'll apologize if I had made the wrong assumption.
Oh, and guess what? I was right after all.

Like it or not. This whole issue has ended. Grace gave me the explanation that I wanted and I'm satisfied with it. That was all I wanted in the first place.

Thanks to you guys who've helped ask for the address back. I appreciated it but it's not neccessary.

For those who are speaking up for Grace, I'm don't think it is right for me to judge whether you are right or wrong, but please do get the fact that I didn't ask for the address back. I do welcome criticism. But when they came from invalid grounds, it is pretty hard to swallow.

Grace, thanks for your prompt reply.
Really regretted that I found your friendster too late.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

lalalaBOM, no more...

I was contemplating of starting my comeback entry with a "I'M BACK!!!"
But it has all change..BAH.

All because my original






Now I actually have to reduce to using the yucky sounding suggestion that yanyan gave me: lalalaPOM!!


Read my blog everyone's heart will POM POM TIAO leh.. NO?

Anyway, I'm pretty pissed with the whole situation.

A few days ago I was thinking of blogging again but I can't register my blog under lalalabom, Blogger said that the name was taken. I thought it was because of my previous blog, thats why I can't use it.

Until just now... My friends told me that there IS a blog using lalalabom.blogspot.com. (coincidentally, 2 of them told me on the same day. One after another. zhong ma piao dou mei na me zhun.)

I was like WTF!!

Okay, okay..kind of aggressive I know. So, well, before i come to any conclusion that this person is being a copycat or whether she's also as crazy as me to come up with such a nonsensical identity, I looked through her blog.

Guessed what I found.


Nuff said.


Hi, Grace,

I'm not trying to be hao lian or what, and my friends assured me too that if one reads xiaxue, it is very unlikely that the person doesn't know lalalabom was used before. (since your 'lalalabom' blog started only this year)

Yes, I deleted my blog. But that simply doesn't mean anyone should just take and use it. I mean, you wouldn't use a sanitary pad that someone used and use it, neither will you just grab a child and ask him/her to acknowledge you as his/her mother. Even in the process of an adoption, you still have to go through certain adminstration processes.

A blog address is like an identity. Although I'm not as well-known as Yanyan (Xiaxue) nor Wanyi(Eh, danene, what's yours? like got so many leh.), but there are people who knows me as lalalabom.

I went to your very first entry and you wrote this:

'LALALABOM! nice name for a blog, eh?'

Yeah, thank you for that compliment.

Although I'll love some credits given to me.

Oh man. Why am I so PR?


I'm not trying to get the blog address back considering I stopped blogging in the first place, even though I'd really love to. I'll really have appreciated if you informed me. I mean, if you do read Xiaxue, it is not so hard to track me down isn't it, not forgetting Friendster?

Just some basic blogtiquette?

Since I do not know your side of the story, I do wish to hear from you. Whether you really don't know about lalalabom or whatsoever. Please don't lie to me. From the blog, you don't sound like a bad girl.

I'm not pissed with you using the name. As i've said, I just hope I was informed.

If I maligned you, I will apologize.

Yanyan just msn-ed, saying that she hoped that I'm scolding someone coz she love to see me doing it or read it and imagine me going high-pitched.

Come to think of it. If you didn't link Xiaxue, I wouldn't be this pissed. Blame her if you want.

Hope to hear from you soon...